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  1. footnotes and finds at | | Reply

    loving these LBD looks by all!

  2. Amodini at | | Reply

    Pallavi, by far! She looks good, and confident.

  3. Roshni at | | Reply

    1. I love Pallavi’s look. It is very close to my style. Polished. Would liked some pop of color- though- all black accesories makes it look a bit boring.
    2. Nandita looks lovely too – Hers is a bit more effortless.
    3. Amrita looks nice – but I think the dress does not not flatter her body type and somehow the red lip looks a bit forced
    4. Soniya looks nice but her look is not personally my cup of tea.

  4. cherry at | | Reply

    wow love all! ranging from classic to edgy!

  5. Fashion bubble at | | Reply

    I’ll say nandita….. She looks effortless. I like her choice of footwear too.

  6. Coffee at | | Reply

    LOVE Soniya. She has the best boho/grunge look in bollywood. Rest are all meh, same ol’ same ol’

  7. Ranij at | | Reply

    I like Nandita. Effortless and stylish

  8. Violet at | | Reply

    Wow, I love all! Everyone looks effortlessly classy.

  9. fashionpolice at | | Reply

    Sonya manages to shine. Everybody else is tooo…typical.

  10. violet at | | Reply

    I absolutely love Sonyas look! so refreshing and young. totally love her boho vibe- she always carries it off well.

  11. Popsy at | | Reply

    The last one looks like her arms are in a sling.

  12. Tehi at | | Reply

    Pallavi – simple and classic!

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