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    This wedgie is a statement BIG piece. Nandita shoulda, musta, outta worn some red accents. F’r instance, she could have had a red cuff bracelet and some splashes of red in her clutch to pull this off. The shoes are way too much of a stand-out.Nandita’s fashion crime is not balancing it out in order to pull it all together.

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    like the shoes, and I like the rest of her too except I agree with desibuff – bringing the color to her clutch would have nicely balanced the outfit.

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    also.. i think she’s hot – anyone know why she and sanjay got divorced?

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    louboutins are the best sin to indulge in. not too fond of these, but the hot pink ones are just plain sex!

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    did anyone notice how long her arms are?! they almost reach to mid thigh level.. sorry that has got me distracted..
    shoes are alrite.. i am not digging the cork wedge that much but like the color twist

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    I actually think the color balance is fine, other than the nailpolish on her toes clashing with the shoes.

    Anita – Sanjay and Nandita didn’t get along from the get go, but there was family pressure from both sides to get married. There are also “rumors” about Sanjay’s infidelity.

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    Those shoes are tacky! If they didn’t have the Louboutin label attached to them, they’d be on the rack at a discount store.

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    thanks BLT:-)

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    Hot pair of wedges for that kinda LBD. But white & black on the clutch kinda messed up the equation!

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    utterly gorgeous shoes!

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    Gorgeous shoes. ANy ideas on where I can buy something similar for less $$$..loving the colors.

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    so karishma can take it?

    i lovee the shoes! and the whole outfit put together!! love love love! xxx

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    Shouldn’t have worn the black clutch.. a clutch in a solid colour (not necessarily “matchy matchy” with her shoes but any solid) would have looked better. I love the shoes with the dress though looks fab.. don’t like the toenail colour

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    why is it tht i have never spotted anyone frm our home front in manolo blahniks…..its as if no one discovered it or jst tht they all want to flaunt the more IN labels

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    Loubs have a *much* better PR team and “offer” products to the socialite typeys in India…whereas JChoo or MBlahnik don’t push the product so much..at least not yet!

    Only the French have (LVMH, etc) have really focused on India as the next market for their luxury goods.

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    Luvstonz, you are so right @ who offers publicity freebies in which markets. The design houses got it each market worked out.

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    Freebies and “on loan” to celebs themselves and also stylists.

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    luvstonz bt choo is still in the visibility arena….but blahniks….none …

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    red nailpaint, orangey shoes with a b&w clutch and a dull gold bracelet? why?

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    Luuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvv them weodgies!!!!

    Its on my “cant-afford-so-drool-all-I-can” List already….albeit I do think they’d look much better on someone with a tad fairer feet…..M too partial to the shoes to notice much else on her!!

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