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  1. Sue at | | Reply

    The silver choker is PERFECT!! She’s looking so chic in the black saree. Although she looks nice in it, the gold Anavila is boring…she should have opted for a contrasting blouse and gone easy on the jewelry.

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  2. mh10 at | | Reply

    Wow she looks so gorgeous in the gold saree!

  3. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

    Astoundingly beautiful, elegant, classy, charming and packs oomph!!!!
    Maybe Katrina, Peeee Ceee malaika, anushka and all other “kas” and “nas” and “vis” would get some weekend lessons in style and fashion from her. ALL except Vidya Balan :)

    Sadly, even Hollywood doesn’t go as much overboard with Western phasion as much as Bollywood does. Everybody looks the same, almost naked & same as the other person or themselves from a previous, day, previous month, previous year…

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  4. rs at | | Reply

    I know Nandita has to be loyal to the earthy, Indian aesthetic since that’s her USP, but for once, what’s the harm in her changing it up a little? Wear a gown maybe? She definitely has the looks to carry it off. She looks lovely as always and is my absolutely favorite actress but I’d like a little more drama on her.

    1. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

      +100. She looks great in the saree, and I think the silver choker looks quite nice actually. But it would be so nice to see her change it up a little.

  5. fashion-lover at | | Reply

    Both the poses are so similar…

  6. Paroma at | | Reply

    Yeah totally agree with you…the gold sari is lovely in itself, but the overall look is a bit boring.

  7. Mogambo at | | Reply

    Love the black and pink!

    How is it that Nandita is always praised for constantly wearing what Vidya is criticized for? Different yard stick for different people? I love that these ladies do them, would be nice to see more people be accepting of it!

    1. Adya at | | Reply

      Vidya Balan can wear the same outfits as Sonam Kapoor, she still would look matronly. A saree is versatile and will reflect the wearer’s personality and looks. Vidya Balan never looks as elegant, her make up is always overdone, and really, Vidya has never really worn the exact same looks as Nandita.

  8. shwetha at | | Reply

    This lady continues to be stunningly best dressed and comes out the most elegant at every Cannes outing compared to her fellow country reps who come to Cannes only to parade around in costumes (I refuse to call em outfits or dresses)

    Just shows that it doesn’t matter who you wear, how much$$ you wear, or how le$$ you wear – at the end of the day, its just the you that counts, beautiful inside out…

    Now if only the rest of em Cannabees can take a leaf (well actually a whole few chapters) out of her book!

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  9. Fashion4pas at | | Reply

    She looks stunning. Tasteful and elegant sarees.

  10. Fashionfever at | | Reply

    No gown can ever beat a spree for beauty and elegance. Nandita looks gorgeous!

  11. Sarah at | | Reply

    Look I know cannes about films more than making a fashion statement . But Nandita has been an actress – even if her current role is behind the camera not in front.
    A little more effort in presenting herself- she is v pretty so a little would go a long way. There are some stunning traditional non designer saris which she could have chosen- these look hastily put together – Anavila one is crushed quite badly too. Why not up the ante? Will not take away from being seen as an intellectual!! In a different context – Look at Amal- !!

    1. Jtp at | | Reply

      I don’t think she thinks that much about whether something she’s going to wear will continue to ensure that she’s seen as an intellectual etc.. I don’t think she’s like that into projecting an image. Unlike someone like Kiran Rao for instance. And i don’t mean that in any derogatory sense. I just get the sense that Kiran Rao (as an example) pays some attention to perception management, i think she thinks a bit about what she’s projecting, how she’s coming off looking. She makes an effort to project that quirky intellectual vibe that seems to be her personality. I think Nandita just doesn’t care that much. I’m guessing that she just can’t be bothered enough about her looks to hire a stylist or find a gown (altho’ i would loooove to see her in something more western, more gown-y, but something that is ‘her’ – classy, elegant, easy, basically true-to-herself, much like the way Amal Clooney does it, like you said. I’d love to see her like that just ‘coz i think she would look fantastic). I feel like she just goes with what she has at hand, picks something that she likes and thinks she will be comfortable in, maybe throw in a piece of some jewellery that she likes, and for her, that’s that. Of course, this is all pure speculation from what i see on these pages :).

  12. Sam at | | Reply

    :) same saree worn back in 2009…the way you asked… ;)

    1. sahana at | | Reply

      I was exactly looking for this , I dont know saree being so versatile in style and heritage how one can think of repeating it

    2. Kasthuri at | | Reply

      I like that black n pink saree in the 2009 pic but here she looks gorgeous in the gold saree. Love the bindi on her. So pretty.

  13. suhani at | | Reply

    This woman is making India Proud !

    Pure ethnic gem without being matronly. She is so bang on herself in terms of her clothes choice.

    1. nish at | | Reply

      M unabl to understand how just wearing a sari at cannes can make india proud!! -_-

      1. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

        Ermm…. think “Not copying the West” may be? :P
        If Hollywood started sporting sarees all our half naked divas would too….. ROFL
        “We vonly want to look like them Hollywood actors”

  14. sahana at | | Reply

    Both the styles are so boring nothing special noting to comment
    she is gorgeous lady !

  15. Apsara77 at | | Reply

    I love that she sticks to her syle aesthetic and comfort zone and looks gorgeous while doing so! The gowns that other actresses are wearing will go out of style in a few years but Nandita can wear these sarees for decades to come and they will be timeless.

  16. anne at | | Reply

    she is very attractive. i am not even looking at the clothes. i see her smiling and it makes me do the same.

  17. anon at | | Reply

    Elegant and graceful Indian beauty. Timeless appeal. Period.

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