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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    She is hands down the most aptly dressed from all of the events with all the Bollywood attendees. Well ahead of Vidya or Aish in my opinion. She looks GREAT!

    1. Jess at | | Reply

      No offence meant but what’s with the weird hand position when wearing a sari? Take a note Indian ladies, please invent a different hand position as this takes away from all the gorgeousness of a sari and the lady.

      1. Vishakha at | | Reply

        Weird hand position??? Seems like you have never worn an untucked Sari at shoulder where pleated pallu is not made.

        All ladies, including my Mom, take this hand position so that the pallu does not fall off when they walk or stand.

        1. Mila at | | Reply

          Agree with Jess, I’ve always wondered why Indian women keep their hands this way.

          Thanks for the explanation Vishakha. However, isn’t there another way to keep the saree in place? The hand hanging in the middle looks plain awkward.

  2. ispy at | | Reply

    seriously what is wrong with the color? It is a beautiful combo of purple and green …its a traditional kanjeevram saree color …i sometimes dont get payal !

  3. Southern Star at | | Reply

    Iffy on the color? Iffy on the color on her even? C’mon- the shot color and she are absolutely gorgeous- Looks lovely on her deep olive skin. Simple, elegant, so authentic and O! so indian. Reminds me of Smita Patil in this one.

    1. crab at | | Reply

      That was my thought too. She does look like Smita Patil here. So elegant and graceful.
      Mad props to Nandita for staying true to her style. This woman can do no wrong in my eyes.

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  4. Dips at | | Reply

    Simplicity personified… Even her nails aren’t painted :)

    1. KJ at | | Reply

      How do you know? I see clear/glossy nail paint in the third photo of first row.

      I agree about the color not being the most flattering for her skin tone.

      1. KJ at | | Reply

        I meant the color of sari.

        1. Dips at | | Reply

          Lol okay maybe clear paint :)- my point was just her endearing simplicity.

  5. Priya at | | Reply

    Oh please! I think she lost her way and reached Cannes instead of temple. This whole thing looks great when you going to bhajana not on Red Carpet Premiere she badly need to change her stylist.Being simple can also appealing and glam if you put all things right!!

    1. GG at | | Reply

      Many Indian women both celeb and non celeb wear kanjeevarams to occasions that are bigger or at equal in scale and grandeur. Are you telling me all of them were heading to a temple and lost their way? She looks elegant and not gimicky.

      1. Adya at | | Reply

        Well, even Sonam wore a sari, and frankly the classic sari sightings are so rare these days, the look can stand on its own without being passe at all, especially when embellished by the lovely Ms. Das.

    2. dn at | | Reply

      Forget about North India, I am from South India and I don’t find people dressed like this at temples, unless there is an occasion.

    3. Anon at | | Reply

      I think you are way too influenced by Western culture and Bollywood. I’m not hating here as I am an NRI and I don’t think it is wrong to be influenced by these things. But Kanjeevarams are not only limited to temples and traditional events. It is India’s version of a glamorous satin gown. It is worn on special occasions and that is what she is doing. You don’t HAVE wear over the top gowns or designer sarees all the time to look fancy or anything. Open your mind a little.

      1. kasthuri at | | Reply

        I agree completely. Sarees are our version of a ball gown. I even wore a saree in my school’s version of the prom. I see nothing wrong with it.

        1. Sonia at | | Reply

          + 1
          just let the woman be. She is comfy in her skin and thats great!

  6. Rii at | | Reply

    What a beautiful woman! Love how self-aware she is.

  7. Lavanya at | | Reply

    I just love the look! She looks stunning!

  8. Mads at | | Reply

    Iffy on the color?? I don’t get it! The color by itself is so understated and elegant without being in your face and it looks even better on her! Love this appearance of hers! Nandita is by far my favorite of all the bollywood ladies at Cannes!

  9. avi at | | Reply

    Perfect pretty Bhartiya Nari… Confident, elegant and soooo comfortable in her own skin. Hats off for not following “trying too hard “category.

  10. EM. at | | Reply

    Her smile is her best accoutrement!
    Am in love with her look.

  11. slc at | | Reply

    What a beautiful saree. Lovely rich color and Nandita looks really, really good.

  12. Adya at | | Reply

    Thank you PV. Now I want to see her just for once in a terracotta lipstick – are you listening madamoisielle, pretty please?

    1. crack at | | Reply

      I agree about changing lip color…she and Sakshi Tanwar…both look gorgeous but they always make me want to reapply their lip color through screen…Loved all her looks in Cannes…
      Now that PnP said it, I do think same saree in darker purple would’ve look even better….but then, its just nit picking.
      One more thing I loved about her looks are, how comfortable she is in her own skin as she dresses the same way in India. It doesn’t look forced like a certain Ms. Balan

  13. PC at | | Reply

    Thank God for this normal,non-costumey, non-in your face Indian look! She looks a million bucks with her sartorial choice, grace and confidence:-)

  14. PC at | | Reply

    She looks amazing in her non-costumy attire which is not “in-the-face-Indian”.Love the saree and the color!

  15. dn at | | Reply

    I literally sighed – gosh, how gorgeous and proper does she look! Love the saree, the colour on her, the necklace (drool), love her!!
    Best dressed Indian at Cannes. All the designers pack up and go home!

  16. SS at | | Reply

    Now, how many of us can claim to look so ethereal without a shred of makeup on the face. Nautural lips, no blush, just a hint of kajal and she comes out shining! Damn!

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  17. Paroma at | | Reply

    She looks lovely!

  18. disillusioned in dc at | | Reply

    and that is how one hits it out of the park – being event appropriate, traditional yet absolutely impactful! take a bow nandita..and thank you for being there !

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  19. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous !!! I love the saree and she draped it so neatly too. Love love love.

  20. Ria at | | Reply

    She is just a few years older to Aishwarya and their children were born about a year apart. it’s amazing how confident, comfortable and good she looks in comparison! aishwarya is one of the great beauties of our time, yet she is not handling her age and stage of life well at this time.

  21. Rum at | | Reply

    She really knows how to dress well! Love her Style!

  22. dee at | | Reply

    I absolutely loved her in the 3rd pic, the one from top.
    I’d happily go running around telling people “i am from the same country as her’!!

  23. mona at | | Reply

    for godsakes stop going high fashion about everything. she looks stunning and classy without being ott gimmicky or ‘fusion’. she is being elegantly indian. am sorry for those who think kanjeevaram sarees are only worn at south indian weddings or find them garish. embrace your own culture first. nothing beats a beautifully worn sari. not any fancy gown.

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  25. Vanaja at | | Reply

    Simply stunning!! She is the only one who did not fail at any of the events….Dressed classy to the core. Wow! such pretty color she chose, she looks so apt for the grand event.

  26. Bong babe at | | Reply

    Nandita for the win at Cannes this year.

  27. Lalitha at | | Reply

    She looks great! She looks elegant. Her makeup is also nicely done.

  28. monika at | | Reply

    Simply stunning!!

  29. Arpix at | | Reply

    LOVE it. She looks simple, beautiful and brings in more of the Indian exotic-ness to the Cannes carpet. Way more than any of the others! Very pretty lady, very confident and not pretentious at all.

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  31. Meetu at | | Reply

    Just one word: Perfect!

  32. anne at | | Reply

    nandita has such perfect features and carries herself with so much elegance. very nice. I wish i could look this good in a sari.

  33. Mayuri at | | Reply

    Now THIS is how it’s done! Elegant, graceful and so classy!Love the saree, and her jewellery too!

  34. Ena at | | Reply

    The best-dressed of the lot.
    Miles ahead of anyone else from India at Cannes.
    This is how you do it ladies – look gorgous and tradtional without looking costume-y and gimmicky.

  35. Ash at | | Reply

    Indian clothing is essentially about colour. I think the lack of it in Sabya and Abu jani sandeep Khoskas saris make them look boring. They use the same embroidery for all garments too. You can experiment with indian clothing Alot. But can’t make an experiment mainstream.

  36. Ash at | | Reply

    Also wanted to add…. She looks stunning!

  37. Jaya at | | Reply

    Love it!

  38. charan at | | Reply

    I am on the edge about that color on her. I love brighter colors on her.

  39. karishma at | | Reply

    she’s looking gorgeous!

  40. Anmmm at | | Reply

    Gorgeous. PnP you guys need to interview her n pl. get all the sources for her clothes PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE

    1. Adya at | | Reply

      Interview yes, but not for source of saris. Any govt. emporium or sari shop specialising in handloom silks will do, however you have to have her sense of aesthetics, daughter of famous artist and all :) can’t buy that! One thing we should note is that a good kanjivaram or benarasi can easily run to 20,000RS + and earlier the weavers were patronised by rich ladies. Now the rich ladies are buying dodgy net and other artificial fabrics with far poorer embellishments. Stores are copying the designers. Bling replacing glamour. The weaver community is dying – benarasi is on its last legs. Please buy expensive traditional saris over designer ones occasionally.

  41. The Hellesnist at | | Reply

    I could never be on board with two toned sarees..and I almost never ever favour purple…two things I am not very keen about and yet, the moment I (very casually not expecting much) rolled down and saw her face and then OH GOD! THAT COLOUR ON HER! I lost it…for once I’ve been rendered and very uncharacteristically so… artless!..that colour would have been so unremarkable on a standard fair person or anyone else as for that…only when offset with that striking complexion that it makes this kind of impact….no more Cannes appearances for me, this did it, I will henceforth remember Cannes 2013 with her…the one fashion moment I had been waiting for..
    PS: I hope you’ll feature her in your annual fashion moments of 2013

  42. human at | | Reply

    simply Gorgeous, she is the most beautiful woman who can represent India ! she doesnt let her PR hog media limelight, dignified and great personality !

  43. Esmerelle at | | Reply

    Is it just me or would she have been the perfect choice for Indian Barbie?

    1. Adya at | | Reply

      She is too classy to be a barbie, but yes she is super pretty, something Indians don’t always get, if one has darker skin.

  44. Adya at | | Reply

    This is going to be my last comment, but that third picture! She looks like a very young debutante in a Satyajit Ray film. mashallah!

  45. KM at | | Reply

    She looks absolutely stunning. Adore the simple jewellery. I love the color on her – but more importantly she looks so comfortable in her own skin. She isn’t posing glamorously, pouting or blowing kisses, yet she is so eye catching. Loooove this woman.

  46. Proud south indian at | | Reply

    She’s makes any indian in any country proud!love her dark complexion.
    Love her simplicity,elegance and grace. She knows what suits and sticks with.shes not a fashion hound!
    Love her confidence in everything she wears!!!!
    Never change who u are Nandita Das!!!

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