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  1. koel at | | Reply

    The silver blouse looks like my mom’s Steel pot !

    1. mia at | | Reply

      lol. ur mom’s steel pot is probably more useful.

  2. Maze at | | Reply

    Neetu = snore
    Mughda looks OK. I think the bindi was a bit distracting, but at least she had the good judgement to not wear too much accessories.

  3. Royal Mahek at | | Reply

    Indian women r so perfect…am so proud of them……….

  4. RM at | | Reply

    Actually Mughda looks as if she hurriedly changed for this event and ran out without giving a second glance to her face.. the bindi.. no jewellery the real orangish/reddish lipstick is really making it look like – she couldnt get out of the earlier makeup and just dashed for this event after changing her dress.. yes the gown is lovely..

  5. Fashionluvver at | | Reply

    Bindi with a gown? Why oh why?

  6. Amber at | | Reply

    I never thought I’d say this but Neetu looks pretty and her saree is gorgeous.. I wish she had gotten a better blouse than that ugly one.

    Mughda, ehh, too much boobshow.

  7. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Ho Hum! yawn…

  8. theMexperiment at | | Reply

    I’m surprised you guys almost always like what Mugdha wears and how she looks! Eww!

  9. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    this is just plaint acky…

    I dont know whats worse:Neetu’s blindingly flashy desi-gone-dominatrix blouse (silver leather? Really?) or Mughda’s jarring red nails, gaudy make-up and totally inappropriate (for the dress) bindi.

    Now to be nice: the dress does make Mugdha look tall and slender and I love her hair. And while I dont like anything Neetu is wearing, she have a beautiful face, and somehow manages not to look too bad in that hideous get-up of hers

  10. DressyDresser at | | Reply

    Mugdha’s gown is REPULSIVE. Seriously, it’s godawful. Neetu looks much better in comparison.

    1. ak at | | Reply

      lol. the work is a bit too ottoman-harem for me.

  11. ena at | | Reply

    White reminds me – seen the new Femina 50 Most Beautiful Women covers. there are five of them, all in white

  12. ena at | | Reply

    And from where im standing, Mughda’s dress looks liek a glorified nightie!Sorryyyyy

  13. Pri at | | Reply

    didn;t kangana wear a similar sari to shilpa shetty’s reception?

  14. lazyU at | | Reply

    I actually prefer the sari over the gown.. the kaam on the sari is sari-appropriate while the way the sequins are done on the gown just look off.

  15. somya at | | Reply

    a bindi on a western wear????what was she even thinking? and whats with the single boob shows for a saree…..ugh…

  16. anjali at | | Reply

    i love the saree….where can i get one like that?

  17. amber at | | Reply

    i dont understand how they look similar just because they both are in white. to me, neetu chandra looks great here, i dont even mind her blouse. but mugdha is wayyy wrong in many places, the bindi is only the tip of the iceberg. does noone else find the makeup to be a little wierd? i guess thats y i cant appreciate her gown much

  18. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    Those metallic blouses will NEVER look good. I repeat: NEVER.

  19. neetu singh at | | Reply

    is godhse paying u girls by any chance..u can do w/o praising her

  20. honey at | | Reply

    mughda is looking cheap and her posture is also bad for the gown

  21. Nick at | | Reply

    Neetu looks like she just finished dancing around trees and here she is!

  22. akaa at | | Reply

    This is for the first time Neetu Chandra looks good.. I don;t even mind that blouse for once,though some-thing non-metallic would have been way classier ..
    but Mugdha looks bad .. the gown is just not working..
    P & P, sometimes it seems even a bad appearance of Mugdha is reported as OKAY-ish!! Just a thoguht!!

  23. HHH at | | Reply

    Mugdha is soo soo pretty! But the bindi is unnecessary.

  24. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    i really liked Neetu here…..Mugdha’s dress more looked like a jwelled night-gown

  25. preetidutta at | | Reply

    am i the only one who is liking the bindi …why not guys …afterall fashion is all about experimenting ( a litle )…. as there are set of ppl who love rekha even in that golden/ white disaster of an outffit , there are ppl who are partial to mughda ….i like her too coz she experiments and thats when she is young and has a body for it …

    and i’ll prefer mughda’s look over neetu …

  26. sri at | | Reply

    mugdha looks nice.empire waist suits her.
    neetu looks cheap. wearing a saree itself shows off a lot of curves. theres no need to show boob and navel(though she covered with her hand). its just too much exposure. neckup her makeup looks good

  27. kk at | | Reply

    i agree to preetidutta, mugdha is experimental in all t ways, never seen her following fashion but creating her own, n smthg wch is new n not internationally branded always trashed here…
    n for those who think HCC is kind to mugdha its not true… i hv seen it, all is wheyyy for them..
    but mugdha can make anythg work.. nd neetu is lookg pretty here…

  28. jul at | | Reply

    I LOVE the BINDI !! She looks heavenly ! It suits the dress and the hair style completely. Why do we have to follow rules like Bindi should only be worn with Saree or suit. It can be worn when it makes you even prettier and luckily for indian women it almost always does !

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