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  2. Dhaval at | | Reply

    do these celebrities have a mirror or something… or perhaps a loyal friend who would tell them how to work the look… My bai dresses better than that!

  3. Mariam at | | Reply

    Both dresses are pretty, but I think the pink’s cut/style/fit flatters her more!

  4. suchi at | | Reply

    I commend her for changing, dont we gripe if they dont change. she looks great in both

  5. pdaervo at | | Reply

    for worse for sure

  6. Sharin at | | Reply

    I’m glad she changed.. I think because they’re two major events she should change. I like the pink more… she looks really nice!

  7. saya at | | Reply

    The first one looks classy. But i like the pink one.Though pretty loud.

  8. Karishma at | | Reply

    Although she looks beautiful and I too prefer the Gayatri number over the pink one but only relatively since I don’t like the print of the first gown.

  9. Megha at | | Reply

    i quite like the pink…she pulls it off even though its such a bright colour

  10. Belle at | | Reply

    agree with suchi: hehe, never satisfied, if she hadn’t changed, it would have been like “two major events and she didnt change?!” hehe

  11. prisha at | | Reply

    the polyster snake dress gives me the creeps….
    the pink no reminds me of the 6th avenue whole sale dresses…

  12. me at | | Reply

    I wish I had a name as designer then I could have show these people what to wear and design gowns out of this world, all designer all dresses all wordrobes I have seen in couple of months suck

  13. honey at | | Reply

    snake one horrible not worth even 100ruppesPink one ok only if she got it for 100€ not more!

  14. sarah at | | Reply

    I like the pink one way better. For some, reason I am not too fond of the printed one.

  15. xoxo at | | Reply

    like pink one more

  16. fashion addict at | | Reply

    hands up for the pink one… n yea applause for changing..

  17. melange at | | Reply

    Me likes the pink one better. The first one reminds me unpleasantly of snakes and creepy crawlies…

  18. kk at | | Reply

    i love both n she carrys it off both t look elegantly… bravo….nari’s pink one tks t cake though

  19. chaitanya shree at | | Reply

    lovleen looks beautiful

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