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  1. grozny at | | Reply

    Now this is just plain nasty! Once again, another celeb dressed like they are wearing a costume from a school play! I want to give her a good shake, and wake her up!!!! For goodness sake…..LOOK at yourself in the mirror!!!

  2. Divya at | | Reply

    Mugdha Mugdha…you were a model, you would have learnt something!

    I do love the blue jumpsuit…wish I was tall enough to carry one off.

  3. Viz at | | Reply

    Don’t like it one bit it’s def a what the heyyy!!!

  4. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Aaaaaaarghhh….. she forgot to look in the mirror before leaving her house :(

  5. Parul at | | Reply

    She seems lost in the pics, as if her mind’s somewhere else and she’d rather be there. And the product she’s holding is so tiny, its almost invisible

  6. KK at | | Reply

    Really ugly jumpsuit.. HAHAHA.. Seems like Bollywood celebrities can’t afford mirrors.

  7. Swapna at | | Reply

    She looks tired!

  8. preetidutta at | | Reply

    eye sore it is ….. i heart the blue one tooo .. I wish i had that height too but somehow monochromatic colour and nice fit with heels can mke it work , if u are on a leaner side …:)

    1. SK at | | Reply

      AGREED …
      you need a specific kind of a body to carry this one off …
      and mughda’s lost that body … and that look…
      she looks very tired and spaced out!
      earth to mughda … earth to mughda … SOS … SOS …
      you forgot your dressing sense here …

  9. chandu at | | Reply

    Finally, my conclusion is that Mugdha will always be the one who tries hard with clothes and the whole looking chic thing..but always stumbles and fails to pull it off..some tough luck, huh!!!And she has to do something about that greasy looking makeup. And as P & P always say, sometimes simpler looks work wonders on some people..if only they can ignore the glam look a little(esp if its not doing anything to them)

  10. annie at | | Reply

    auditioning for the circus?

  11. tan ta da! at | | Reply

    heart the blue! but im very put off shopping at victoria’s secret for clothes! they’re of such substandard quality and only look good in pictures! the only thing i like from VS are the bras!

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