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  1. deewani at | | Reply

    why the neither pants nor capris pants?? Last I remember Soha was being criticized for that!
    Hritik wore ankle length pants in the movie too.. I hope it does not become a trend.. if it makes the very tall kat look short legged then it would be horrendous on a short person!

    1. Purple at | | Reply

      Err yes, it’s the trend now to wear 7/8 length pants.. gives you the ‘sailing/boating’ look.

  2. Padma at | | Reply

    She is a terrible dresser…ill fitting pants, cheap looking shoes, insipid hair…yikes! And PnP, the blue denims and white t-shirt is not really a “look”.

    1. Kirti at | | Reply

      I thot PnP were referring to the Navy Blue jeans and pink/ peach top..isn’t it PnP?

  3. Kirti at | | Reply

    I wonder what’s going on with Ms Kaif… Why such depressing outfits??

  4. Kumar at | | Reply

    i agree the navy pants, white shirt n shoes is a nice fresh change frm her usual dresses. she looks comfy n summery. all she needs to do now is change her same ole’ same ole’ hair

  5. parveen at | | Reply

    she probably ran short of clothes and borrow-ed from auntyji looking clothes from her mum!!

  6. clotheswhore at | | Reply

    she looks so ordinary …shes a superstar for gods sake n i think she shud at least show us tat shes puttin in some effort and some thought into wat she wears….boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ice at | | Reply

    Katrina’s blue pants are from Topshop

  8. :) at | | Reply

    How come the pants are like that? I’ve seen many people wear it, I guess it is common, but why? It looks so stupid, either wear 3/4 pants – capris…..or wear full jeans. it looks so off and FOB when it’s worn like this. i haaate.

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