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  1. pp at | | Reply

    umm, the cut out mostly looks as if the top was rather tight

  2. N at | | Reply

    Somethings wrong with her makeup

  3. SD at | | Reply

    The cut-out on the top looks like a faux-par

  4. deepa sousa at | | Reply

    The cut is ridiculously placed, with inner wear peeping out..very bad Monica.

  5. Mag at | | Reply

    At first glance, it (the cut out) actually seemed an oops moment when there is peeping gap between two shirt button. And whats that black thing peeping from inside.

  6. sahana at | | Reply

    This outfit looks like just made for her it is so perfect for body frame, wish she had good make up decent earrings and if that cutout is intentional than that looks shady

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