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  1. Librans at | | Reply

    Umm. The name says it all. Circus outfits. There is no fashion or beauty here. Just circus clothes.

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      Lol. I was about to type the same. Circus it is. Only Ms Manchanda does quirky and distinct style on & off stage well without making it look like a clown act. This one falls in the wannabes.

  2. Neethu at | | Reply

    I absolutely love Monica for being the free spirit she is! Saw her in the Circus when she posted photos on her Instagram. What beautiful clothes! Same goes for Aza K.

  3. nikita at | | Reply

    Watched Monica perform live at NH7 it was ecstatic. She looked beautiful in the wine red gown by the circus. Brilliant work!

  4. Tanya patel at | | Reply

    I think Monica looks amazing in clothes by the circus . Checked out their other stuff online and I think these girls are onto something great !

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