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  1. Sarah at | | Reply

    Absolutely love the colour on her. Works well with her skin tone.

  2. bhairavi at | | Reply

    Love the dress. Its very springy and she wears it well.

  3. Karishma at | | Reply

    Nothing wrong with those colors! And most importantly, she hasn’t over accessorized her look + her hair is off her shoulders! Pretty in pink I’d say :)

  4. ash at | | Reply

    Oh wow, I LOVE that maxi! There are some make up issues though… but I like Monica a lot so :-)

  5. adya at | | Reply

    I love the colours, its the darzi look I object to.

  6. Adara at | | Reply

    Between the bad make up, cleavage, the weird silhouette and the pinked out dress, it’s almosta wthey.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      While i wouldnt yet call WTheyy, i am not a fan of this dress on her. On some one else, this might work.

  7. shwetha at | | Reply

    Agree with Adara

    Whole look is terrible and what a tacky color, design and fit.
    Make up woes add to the above

    Complete thumbs down – no idea why anyone would sport such an ugly dress and color palette

  8. wtf? at | | Reply

    Pastry! That too from a bad neighbourhood store.

  9. Dompal at | | Reply

    The dress looks like a milk maid frock…..

  10. neha at | | Reply

    looks made by the local darzi

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