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  1. Slc at | | Reply

    I’ve liked her bridal trousseau. Her simplicity is refreshing. While this masaba kurti is comfortable I can’t help but wish the colors were more festive. After all Masaba has created some fantastic, festive (colorful) outfits. But there will be plenty of opportunities I suppose and with an accessory like Shahid who needs to be colorful! Love Shahid’s necklace. They do look adorable together!

  2. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I am looking forward to seeing her on these pages. I think she has great style.

  3. Anmol Sandhu at | | Reply

    The pink mojris are by Needledust..!!

    1. Tanya Chaitanya at | | Reply

      Thank u for d info .. i have been love wd dose dainty juttis <3

  4. rupa at | | Reply

    I am glad that the whole wedding and thereafter has been so non- blingy. I love how classy they have kept the whole affair. In the end you just can’t beat the beauty of simplicity…no over the top “shu-sha” :) Thank God!
    Mira looks great- from what little I have seen of her she has an inherent elegance. Wishing the couple the very best of a life together.

  5. Monika at | | Reply

    The new bride looks really sweet & comfy!

  6. Farrah at | | Reply

    It’s crazy how much she reminds me of Amrita Rao … though with a better sense of style (gauging from as much as I have seen).

  7. Avani at | | Reply

    Shahid looks SO damn good. She has that simple elegant and non bling style, wedding does not mean throw on everything that is available, so kudos to that.

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