1. Though the dress is not great, Minisha looks good in it. Rather than wearing short dressses and OTT sarees these churidaars suit her better

  2. A very good fusion of Indian n western …she definitely look much better in this as compared to her previous disasters..

  3. ahh its bad…may be if u make this gold thing knee length n pair it with opaque black pantyhose..its ll look lil likable…jus sayin in general..

  4. I think churidars would have looked better as well. Her legs look chunky in the tights. And that top reminds me of a ‘bumble bee’ dress my mom used to put on me as a kid. Oh I have nightmares.

  5. something’s off about this entire look. the gold necklace (?).. excessive sheer of the shirt.. the lycra tights. its just not working.

  6. not a big admirer of how she usually dresses.. she passes muster in this one. Though the shape of her calves would be better hidden under a churidar.

  7. She looks very nice. But she could have looked even better if the top was slightly shorter and the pants were swapped for a churidar.
    But have to give it to her she cleans up nice. Black and gold is one of my favourite combinations. It works on anyone really.

  8. I like the look though like what other say, it wld be nicer with a chudidhar bottom instead of leggings.
    But nice hair and make up.

  9. She could have done with out the neck piece… and perhaps a difference purse.. definitely an upgrade from the $*blingy$$ saree..


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