1. I love Masaba and her work, but I wish she would work on getting a more polished look with her make up – it always looks patchy and ashy.

  2. Mini reminds me of Katrina Kaif…
    Maybe that’s why her husband casts Katrina in his films,
    I like both the outfits..
    They are different and great in their own place..
    Mini -traditional
    Masaba-fun, young,funky..

  3. Mini looked washed out to me. It is such a blah look!

    I love love Masaba’s outfit. I like the heels also. They are kind of her trademark. My problem is with the necklace on Masaba. It does not add to the look at all.

  4. I leaning towards Masaba…although Mini does look sweet. Masaba is more creative with her outfit. Masaba’s shoes are cute though not with this particular outfit.


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