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  1. Maze at | | Reply

    Is the event being held in a beachside resort?

  2. Reshma at | | Reply

    While pria looks the best in her design, I think Michelles s dress is the most different of pria s usual collection and she carries it off well , poorna should have chosen a longer option.

  3. Raina at | | Reply

    I like Simone and pria, love that head band, Michelle looks sweet 2

  4. DP at | | Reply

    None of these dresses by Pria seem to be accentuating a woman’s body but rather covers it with over the top designs and prints. Not a fan.

  5. tracy at | | Reply

    i’d say neither!

  6. vani at | | Reply

    wow they all look stunning ! i like michelle & pria’s outfit the best .

  7. Tina at | | Reply

    lol. it must be embarrassing to see so many people in similar outfit.

  8. Iris at | | Reply

    gosh– no one thinks these are super-ugly?

    1. dina at | | Reply

      I DO

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