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  1. Kiwi at | | Reply

    I actually prefer Gayatri

  2. aishwarya at | | Reply

    michelle luks awesuuum in dat gucci dress
    luuvv her!!!!

  3. beans at | | Reply

    Gayathri looks so much better!

  4. RM at | | Reply

    To wear a Halter, one needs to have some great shoulders and upper arms (and I dont mean toned and shaped etc.) else the halters just dont look well… and thats where gayatri scores over Michele…

    1. Flower Power at | | Reply

      spot on.

  5. shriya at | | Reply

    gayatri looks better in this dress. somehow, not feeling it on michelle.

  6. Red at | | Reply

    She just had her baby right? I think she looks fab

  7. Bold at | | Reply

    I think she looks very pretty!

  8. barfi at | | Reply

    I prefer Gayatri..she looks much better…..

  9. STAR at | | Reply

    …the white fascinator is nice but it doenst go with the dress or maybe Miclele has worn it badly…white accessories are a better, safer option than metallic ones but these one fail I’m afraid!

  10. SumiLove at | | Reply

    I think it’s the hat.

    Yup. Definitely the hat…

  11. diptiN at | | Reply

    I prefer gayatri’s look, but the other lady looks good too. do not care for her shoes. Have never seen a white pair of shoes I liked.

  12. Bold at | | Reply

    Gayatri looks boring , michelle is more styled and edgy…

  13. Up at | | Reply

    I think michelle looks fantastic! She just had her baby!

  14. meria at | | Reply

    gayatri looks nice :)

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