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    hmmm..i saw a pic from the same event on some other website where the black part was more visible..much like it is on the model..so..it made her look stumpy and the black satiny part looks weird and out of place..and whatever happened to your super-strong dislike for pointy shoes..??

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    Is that like half a coat on the dress? Faintly reminds me of something Julianne Moore wore recently :P
    I like how Mellisa looks in the dress though :)

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    she rocked that dress!!

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    looks like the lovechild of a strapless gold dress and black satin fabric, or maybe the leftovers of two dresses were combined in an effort to go green.

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    The dress looks so different without being weird or shabby. Quite Like!!!

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    the gold half,by itself?good
    the black half by itself?edgy
    together? just plain weird.

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    I think simple drop earrings might have worked here. Still I think she is able to carry off such a quirky dress well, without looking crazy

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    the dress is a little offbeat but i think she’s carrying it well….likey her.

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    That is one GORGEOUS dress.

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