With both ladies being Ramani fanatics, it was bound to happen that they would end up being spotted wearing the same outfit. We don’t have to pick a favorite now, do we? Mehr is a shoe-in for the win. Pun very intended!

Ekta was at this event too and if you want to find out if she ditched those shoes, look inside. :P

Left: Ekta Kapoor at Global TV Awards 2011
Right: Mehr Jessia at Volkswagen Planet Launch

Well, she ditched the black ones, only to swap them with silver ones. :P

Left: Ekta Kapoor at Global TV Awards 2011
Right: Mehr Jessia at Volkswagen Planet Launch


    • I think i am starting to hate the outfit since ekta started wearing it. She is de-promoting, de-advertising it. The designer needs to pay ekta to NOT wear the dress.

  1. Maybe they are prescription shoes? I can’t think of any other reason why someone would fell compelled to own them – multiple pairs at that!?

  2. so tired of seeing Ekta in those shoes and IN this blog. If she doesn’t stop wearing them at least you girls should talking about it now. I’m very sure there are better fashion related news out there!

  3. i think we shouldn’t laugh anymore, she could be wearing those shoes for medical reasons…that’s the only explanation surely

  4. Guys be human! It’s so obvious that they are orthopedic foot ware.
    How can you be so vain I wonder! You guys seem pretty net savvy. Just search for Ortho foot ware and you will find a million reasons for people choosing to wear a particular type of foot ware. P&P, I’m beginning to find this blog too stupid for anyone above 8 years.

    • I dont mean to sound stupid, but i did a quick search…and those shoes are not even close to any orthopedic footwear design.
      Not sure though….you might have a point there, or maybe its just Ekta’s personal liking!

    • Finally someone who thinks sane here. I don’t understand how anybody would wear the same shoes unless they have a problem, and are required to. People should be a bit respectful. This model of ortho footwear is called Barefoot freedom.

        • My mum has to wear these soles designed especially for her foot etc so i’ve done some sort of research into special footwear

          usually, the special type of footwear is closed toed. with oodles of protection…however, these just seem like your regular platform sandles…with barely any support for the foot…perhaps it’s just the sole? but then, i’m sure there are other varieties and she’s a rich girl, i’m sure she can afford the large variety

          however, her wearing the same shoes all the time does point to a reason other than fashion and it may be due to her strong astrological beliefs…whatever the case is…has anybody ever tried asking her the question?

          Instead of speculating, maybe one should just get it from the horse’s mouth.

          P&P, let’s move on beyond the shoes…it’s just not newsworthy anymore

        • That’s because these are usually custom-made for individuals based on their specific requirements by agencies such as Mobility India.

      • Who’re you kidding? Ortho footwear on a ~4 inch platform with flimsy straps…. and I have a bridge to sell you.
        Time to stop making excuses for her godawful taste in footwear.
        Next we’ll hear that all those red threads are for a broken wrist.

    • @Ash – I googled and didn’t find any orthopedic footwear that looked anything like Ekta’s infamous pair. But I must admit I didn’t look for “foot ware”. I’m guessing people over 8 years are also too smart to spell correctly?

    • Really? What kind of orthotic shoes require someone to be elevated by half a foot with straps that hold the feet in a position where the toes are forced to hang over the edge?

      Besides, just search for Ortho footware and you will find that the field has advanced to combine science with aesthetics, especially when money is not a concern.

      I think I like being stupid like a 7 year old :-)

  5. Really, the shoes comments are getting old.
    And that dress is plain hideous, it just looks like a king size black/brown bedsheet.

  6. it is very cute how some people are suggesting the shoes might have a medical reason. i find it very hard to imagine those shoes, with toes almost falling out, and no support to speak of, could be orthopaedic footwear. or maybe i just lack imagination. my bad.

  7. i think she is wearing them to add some uniform height without putting pressure on her toes.
    But they r so high they remind me of chopines :-)

  8. Hang on a minute… why don’t P+P have a competition… the first person to contact Ekta and find out the reason behind the shoes ie taste, medical or ‘the voices in my head told me to’, gets a prize. Like… guest write up on a new post or something?

    @ p+p what do you say?!

  9. Mehr looks fabulous as ever…oh the fun she was back stage at fashion events screaming and tearing…BUT still she is the glamourpuss…


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