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  1. beezee at | | Reply

    What an amazing cover this makes .love the subtlety,grace and poise of Meher Jessia ….

  2. Kara at | | Reply

    That (wedding?) gown is beautiful! I want it!

  3. Indrakshi at | | Reply

    Hey, that beautiful dress she is wearing is a Marchesa (A/W 2011-12) and not a Gauri and Nainika. Please correct it! x

  4. Padma at | | Reply

    Vogue India is not known for its creativity…and you would think with Mehr they would go all out with an edgy cover…! We have here a former supermodel who looks pregnant…really sad.

    1. shradha at | | Reply

      well said

    2. Puneet at | | Reply

      so true!!!!

  5. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Maybe its me but that does not look like Meher at all…..regardless like the cover:)

  6. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Mehr looks sexy and strong but the stylist should have reconsidered this outfit: it looks too ‘wedding-y’ to me.

  7. Aparna at | | Reply

    Now you give me a cover like that.. Me does’nt see the pictures..i could not get past the letters “The Shape Issue” !!!

  8. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    I couldn’t recognise her

  9. KT at | | Reply

    Like? I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ann at | | Reply

    Not entirely liking. The shadows are too dark. We get to see her beautiful face so rarely. Might as well see the whole of it ;)

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  13. Zarine Mohideen at | | Reply

    Vogue India does not have a creative bone in their body. I feel this cover is lacking something. And that gown does nothing for Meher.

    1. sm at | | Reply

      agree! also, the blowed hair looks weird to me, and looks frizzy under the O in “VOGUE”. I’m sorry, but something is def missing from this cover…its almost boring!

  14. Puneet at | | Reply

    I’ve seen better Vogue covers, they for some reason have been coming up with repetitive cover styles, for eg., this one reminds me of last year’s Padma Lakshmi’s Jan Shape issue, even she was wearing white there! Last month’s Piggy Chops’ was similar to Asin’s cover, Katrina Kaif’s April issue with the green background same as Piggy Chops’ 2010 Saree Issue!!

  15. A Sachdev at | | Reply

    I get what youre all saying. Mehr has a killer body.
    There is a Mehr Magic to the photo.
    Im so glad to see her pull in 2012.
    Vogue India:
    I wouldve loved to have seen other models in a shared photo:
    Mehr and the best supermodels of the 90s industry:
    Mehr, Queenie, Madhu Sapre, Noyonika, Namrata, Achla Sachdev, Fleur Xavier, Pooja….I mean werent all best friends?

    1. amit at | | Reply

      u kw when i had a first look at d cover i thought she is Fleur but then i got it. Vogue talk bout shape and all i see here is not a real women y dont they have a women of color and curves on the cover, y always it has to be oh so out of the reach kinda look.

  16. A Sachdev at | | Reply

    Amit, Mehr is a real woman. An established model and mother.
    Her work is extensive and this is amazing. being a Mehr Jessia or a stunning Achla Sachdev doesnt just happen…its more then being really good looking…its hard work…ask Namrata shirodhkar….she hasnt even colored her hair for 2 years.

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