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    Hi Payal and Priyanka,
    I have a query. I am always so skeptical while buying fashion jewelery, cos there is a very thin line between looking trendy and looking kiddish and cheapo when you are wearing that(even if the jewellery is costly!) I know a lot depends on your taste but, it will be helpful if you can give few tips on this. Thanks in advance :)

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    she never seems to get anything right.

    btw guys, i have been looking through all your archives…well, you guys have so much, that it will take me forever! LoL but you guys are AMAZING!!! i never pay attention to fashion, but even i’d be able to spot ur beloved “Birkin” anywhere! hehehe

    I was wondering if you guys could do a post on general tips, like what’s in and what’s not. aka, matching bracelet and necklace…wearing matching shoes and handbag…and how black shoes don’t go with a blue skirt (i think Gul pulled that?)

    it would be awesome if you could do that!

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    LOL! we’re thinking the same thing anonymous!

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    i agree with both anonymous posts here.. please could you do a post on whats in this spring and whats not? especially like how to wear black and white prints and with what other colors.

    also.. i hate how uditas necklace, bracelet AND sandals match. she really should pair the necklace with a chunky cuff in a different color and maybe not matching shoes… too much!

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    YEs! i so agree!

    But please be nice to those of us who live in the southern hemisphere! As it’s not spring here. Aus is seriously sooooo cold this year…

    But yes, just a general topic of what NOT TO DO. like the above post has said, about what kind of matching to do and not do. what colours do not go (just like the above person, i used to think that black shoes with blue skirt was ok.)

    Also, this is a makeup question, but you’ll probably know…most people say that you should never match your eyeshadow colour with your dress, but many people do that. Esp, that thin line of pink on their lids if theyre wearin a pink sari. Are the rules different for indian and western wear?

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    Udita is like so..crappy in blue jeans n top. Looks like she shopped everythign from flee market !

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