In A Row


For two consecutive events, Mashoom Singha chose strapless, bubble-hemmed dresses as her outfit of choice… Though not a fan of the ‘bubble-hem’, she looks good in ’em!

Which appearance of this leggy model do you like better?


Left: At Novotel
Right: At ‘Valhallah’

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the grey ensemble, the necklace is beautiful and bold!! I kinda wish she wore black heels instead of the silver… but that’s about it!

  2. She looks fabulous in both .. i love the necklace in the right dress..she could have thrown in a splotch of color somewhere but these looks work perfectly..Wish more women from b-town would take notes from her!

  3. She looks awesome in both. Beautiful skin, lovely features, good hair, fab body and well put together. That’s one graceful woman.

  4. Ya she does look great. I hate bubble dresses too, but this just proves my pet theory that only really tall women can look good in them

  5. bubble hem always look cute on skinny girls…
    I personally am a fan of bubble ham dresses and tops.
    I like her both the time.. I love the second dress(dont really love the flat hair in 2nd pic tho..) anyways the girl has beautiful long hair../

  6. Is she hot or is she hot?! Just goes to show how life can be so unfair to us people. Darn.
    Anyhoo, i like her in grey better, simply because i dont like that shade of lavender. Looks gorgeous, this woman does. :)


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