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  1. FARAH at | | Reply

    Am really liking the pop of colours everywhere..totally fresh and summer.
    any idea where one could see her entire colllection??

  2. Natasha at | | Reply

    love love love! you go Masaba

  3. s at | | Reply

    This looked good on the ramp and the ones on extreme left and right would make it good outside the ramp – in terms of colour, design. yes, she def. stands out.

  4. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    all i love is the Fedora

  5. Kanira at | | Reply

    love the colors and nice ‘beachy’ feeling of the clothes…

  6. joy at | | Reply

    Exciting showcase, I would have declared, only if some of the styles weren’t heavily ‘inspired’. The one that combined tail-coats with velvets looked like Anamika Khanna’s HDIL India Couture Week idea.

    Chennai’s decades-old 5 Maadi Kumaran sari store has been turning heads with its Pocket Saris (a pocket woven out of the same silk swatch) for years now.

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