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    somehow the pattern on the bust is awkward/wierd/ewww-ish.

    1. Iris at | | Reply

      agree. much as i admire her idiosyncratic style, the down-arrow bust makes her boobs seems saggy.

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        Agree! Lovely woman, hideous outfit! The bust looks like everything is going downhill, and the the way it falls at the back, makes it look like she has some protuberance there!And no it had nothing to do with the fact that she’s curvy – that’s all good, but the whole falling from the wait thing doesn’t quite work here – according to moi!

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      I must say it’s true.the diagonal lines make her boobs seem long! who wants that?? I dig the colors. Just once i’d like to see her with straight hair, whether puffy or sleek. PUMPS with that dress? It calls for open-toed footwear.

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    eek, this should be WTHey!! Pleasant colors, yes, but the bust, back, length, shoes, nothing seem to be working.

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    I find the dress very tacky .

  5. Myla at | | Reply

    Masaba seems like a lovely, spirited girl but this outfit? Ugh.

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    There is the boob-tube top and then there is the droop boob top.
    Why would anyone wear a dress that is designed to give such an effect? Shudder….

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    That is an ugly dress. Looks like she stepped out in a bra and a petticoat.

    1. vee at | | Reply

      I see what you mean! what might be the solution? thicker lining? more detailing on the skirt? some trim showing from the underside of the skirt?

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    So not flattering on her deriere either…. ughhh kinda scary when designers themselves wearing their own ill fitting designs!!

    1. rB at | | Reply

      shes not wearing her own design.

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    Looks like a cheap 80’s polyestr bathing suit!

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    Aha, now i can cut my anarkali, fit it onto my swimsuit upper and step out for a party, thanks masaba :-)

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        ohh hahaha soo funny is it

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    This look only works (just barely) soley because of her hair….. any other hairstyle would have made this look like she was wearing a nighty gown…..

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    masaba o masaba pls hire a stylist for urself.

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    Oh the style masaba! Looking sexy n killing it!!

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    Masaba… what a curvy girl.. love her bum !! :D thank you ! go curvy girls !!!

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