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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    i like the simplicity of the green dress (and that she kept it at a decent length instead of shortening it too much). dont like the lips on either.

  2. Sheru at | | Reply

    Both looks n lip colours r hideous.. She doesn’t carry it off

  3. kumar at | | Reply

    love both. she dresses pretty good for someone who designes pretty hideously!

  4. Ragini at | | Reply

    I like the second look but way too much gold.. She should get rid of atleast one accessory

  5. IdeaSmith at | | Reply

    I don’t think the pink looks too bad or diverts from the clean, summery, casual look. However, you said the clutch is purple and it actually looks like blue in the photograph. So perhaps the colours were different in real life than they look in the picture so you’re probably right.

    I was a little taken aback by the red lips but that’s probably because this look is so unusual for Masaba. She looks grown-up and on second glance…well, very good.

  6. Ren at | | Reply

    I agree with you PnP; love both the outfits (though the white shirt could have been a little more fitted), but the red lips definitely works better.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of any blue-toned pink lipsticks. I’ve never seen them look good on any person, regardless of complexion.

  7. aman at | | Reply

    i agree wid everything u said…. i love the second one better.. she luks quite trendy..

    p.s. out of the young lot of designers, masaba is one who has really impressed me… all these young designers r so talented :D much more success to them :D

  8. RS at | | Reply

    I like Masaba’s effortless sense of style.She looks comfortable and stylish. Like both!

  9. Suvi at | | Reply

    ShE LooKs older..don’t like either looks n lip colours look bad as if painted on the pic..not good at all

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