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  1. SK at | | Reply

    LOVE IT !!!!
    i wish tyra banks wud bring her show to india! clothes aside… these models totally rock the shoot!

  2. SK at | | Reply

    oh !
    how gorgeous are diandra and sheetal!

  3. monika at | | Reply

    Lovely shoot……..not so lovely clothes

  4. RockRepublic at | | Reply

    the dusky bombshells!! they look smokin’ hot!
    THOUGH not much credit to the photographer for rather uninspired shots.

    1. Enne at | | Reply

      Totally agree, the model look great, but the cover and the pics themselves are so boring! we’ve seen the group shots where each woman has her body at a different angle wearing the same stern looking on her face.
      something different please!

  5. ashish at | | Reply

    Have never been a fan of Diandra and her boldness… The pose is odd and accentuates her large waist. Lakshmi’s jacket is also a little strange… Vidisha looks a little swollen.

    Apart from Sheetal i really don’t think the other girls are SUPERMODELS. the term is used so loosely all over the world. Mehr, Madhu, Sheetal and Ujwala are the ONLY Indian Supermodels. Lakshmi Menon is still rocking!

    The cover is a little inspired by the Vogue swimwear cover.

    1. A&N at | | Reply

      Large waist? :)

      1. Iamfashion at | | Reply

        SERIOUSLY LARGE WAIST??? What have we human beings come to. Our sizes of models and women have become so warped and unbelievably UNHEALTHY.
        If Vidisha and Diandra are swollen and large-waisted then what the f$%^& are we normal girls who do actually have fat????

        This has got to be one of the craziest comments…

    2. Adit at | | Reply

      @ashish, Vidisha, just had a baby…so about lookign swollen give her little break. Diandra has a broad waist, not LARGE waist. Agree with you on the super models,but they are also the top models of the country, top 20 infact. Quite a feat for a population of a BILLION +. Laxmi Menon is only 28, a good 10 years younger than Sheetal…..we will see where she is in 10 years right…I love her by the way.

    3. raleen fernandes at | | Reply

      I agree, no hard feelings to the girls …. in no means I would consider Diandra a supermodel … she is not well know at all.

  6. kukilicious at | | Reply

    eeewwwwwwwwww………….. boring boringzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  7. noble beeyotch at | | Reply

    I though the cover and shoot was quite a let down. Even though it is styled to look rustic and vintage, it looks plain and old Wish they had used these beauties better!

  8. Nidhi at | | Reply

    agree – this shoot looks very uninspired almost morose- but what bods! how hot does diandra look with no tresses – and lurve that burberry skirt on laxmi. now only if there was some edginess to the shoot!

  9. Sparkle at | | Reply

    The very fact that they used actual Models and not Bollywood celebrities is laudable.

    Like the photshoot:)

  10. eclat at | | Reply

    OH my… what an epic waste of beauty and fierceness. Such stunning ladies, and this is all the photographer could come up with? Shame…

  11. desiaynrand at | | Reply

    this is why models are models and actors are not (and should not model on covers or on the runway)! these women are stunning, despite the ok clothes and uninspired shots.

  12. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    they are completely STUNNING!

  13. bongbabe at | | Reply

    GORGEOUS WOMEN! i like the bald lady especially.

  14. SS at | | Reply

    A total waste of such hot models!!!
    not at all remarkable……..Ttly predictable:(

  15. padma at | | Reply

    smoking hot!

  16. FashionB at | | Reply

    I dont find bald women hot.plus this photoshot is so boring and plain.
    If this make,hair and dress the girls would have been wearing in real, then everyone would have criticized their 70’s hair and bleh-dresses.

  17. skippy pea at | | Reply

    I agree, bald is boring! I do not understand the attraction for Diandra as a model. Most of the models are so ordinary –if you put that face on a normal woman’s body, no one will give them a second look. The only thing going for them is the height and better than average physique.
    Only vidisha’s last pic is fluid and a good shot.

  18. Adit at | | Reply

    love it, all are freinds. and all over 30. and surprise surprise two are from the south, and one half south Indian….GO GIRLS…

  19. Chandra at | | Reply

    It is very meh in the words of this blog. Boring plain clothes and standard hair and makeup!

  20. dp at | | Reply

    The shoot seems like such a bore. The cover has no personality, and models look lifeless. And it looks like an exact replica of Vogue India’s April Issue – Dawn of the Dusk. Possibly the same theme was copied. Overall, it doesn’t impress me at all.

  21. EvelinaM. at | | Reply

    I think the photographer was going for a Prabuddha Dasgupta-esque feel (you simply have to check out his editorial “In the Mood For Love”), but it doesn’t really work. The models are stunning and they deserve better than this lame photoshoot.

  22. Amit at | | Reply

    I was missing Vidhsha and Sheetal it’s nice to see them again gracn d cover of a mag though i feel soory bout the styling of this shool.

  23. Amit at | | Reply

    I was missing Vidhsha and Sheetal it’s nice to see them again gracn d cover of a mag though i feel soory bout the styling of this shoot.

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