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  1. HHCfan at | | Reply

    honestly, about time. i know i might be the only one thinking it but i just feel like MC was still trying to find its identity because as i opened every issue, there was such a strong disconnect between stylists that it almost felt like they took shoots from various different stylists and put it all together. Every page i turned was a disconnect from the last and i found that very frustrating at times. but that’s just me.
    I do feel it is sad that they’ve all lost their jobs, and i hope they all continue to do what they love. MC also did have its share of some of Indias best stylists under its name. From Nikhil to Nidhi and Arushi. They’ll be missed. Hope to see more of their work.

    1. Anna at | | Reply

      +100000 completely agree

  2. mona at | | Reply

    it was a lovely magazine with some fantastic shoots and stories. hope they bring it back…

  3. Mikaela at | | Reply

    they were competitive, but sometimes lacked the edge…but Madame Claire- who couldn’t age to a grand Dame here, will be missed.

  4. A at | | Reply

    From all the news we’ve heard so far, it’s really sad that the publisher Outlook took such a drastic step without any consideration for its people. I mean they found out on twitter ? These are evil corporates looking to make a quick buck at the cost of livelihoods.
    Having said that I’ll miss the magazine. It had a competitive edge and the shoots were getting quite cool. I love Pearl Shah’s styling and I hope we see her in another mag soon.

  5. madhu at | | Reply

    omg, I will miss Marie Claire so much. I am not an expert in fashion shoots and style etc but compared with other women’s magazines, Marie Claire was hands down the best. I really liked their content and felt that they were the only ones offering good realistic content in their magazines.

  6. Gauri at | | Reply

    I will miss marie claire. this is really shocking especially at this point since the shoots were improving immensely. I really hope to see arushi parakh’s work soon. she did some good work.

  7. Mick at | | Reply

    Its also time for “vogue” india to shut shop or try atleast to pass off as a real vogue.

  8. anita d at | | Reply

    I learnt fashion communication at NIFT under Pearl Ma’am and she is amazing. I love her styling, it’s a great loss to Indian publishing.

  9. Malvika Subba at | | Reply

    Keeping the fashion aspect aside , I always loved the articles that were featured in MC. The story telling and the real people portrayal always blew me away. It has been an inspiration for me while working in a magazine and it saddens me to hear this news. No other Indian magazine has had that impact on me.

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