Shoe Spotting!


Spotted Ms. Scott in a pair of Jimmy Choo ‘Corsica’ sandals that you might recall from our Lust List

Love the sandals and they work really well with the black dress, however for such a yummy pair of sandals, don’t you wish she played em’ up more? Despite the overall effect (which is nice), the dress is rather boring and that clutch, not the best choice.


Left: Mansi Scott At Archana Kochchar Fashion Show
Right: Jimmy Choo Corsica Sandals

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. heyyy isnt that the jimmy choo ad look? The same jimmy choo clutch and sandals? I like the overall look…and i think she’s looking younger and more glamorous with less makeup…she ususally overdoes it

  2. I think it’s the length of the dress that’s taking away from the shoes. Above the knee would have been more flattering on her legs, personally.

  3. I think she looks great here. I think if she would have gone for anything other than an LBD, it would have clashed with the shoes, or maybe just took away attention from them.

    oh btw – I’m totally addicted to HHC.

  4. If only that dress was white/beige or a mellow yellow….those sandals would have made the look HAWTERRR! lol…love those sandals! <3

  5. Don’t love the shoes at all, maybe they look nicer in person. As for the dress, it needs to be shorter because the length of the dress doesn’t go with the shoe


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