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  1. Osho at | | Reply

    She is sort of looking good. Usually she is so badly dressed. All white and all. The red is doing her complexion some good. Hope to see her around a bit more.

  2. Madhu at | | Reply

    Agreed the shoes are pretty bad, but even worse is the length of her dress. Let’s face it, not many people have killer legs and poor Manisha is one of the many. However, where she is not one of the many, is her face. She would have looked lovely if she wore this outfit ankle length with better shoes minus the bag. She’s got such an innocent face. Doesn’t she look like Sanjay Dutt’s current wife, Maanyata? I mean Maanyata is a poor man’s Manisha….

  3. Dee at | | Reply

    Manya has flabby arms..this dress would look good for on tone arms….Aren’t arms the easiest to tone…

  4. anita at | | Reply

    aren’t those bedroom slippers? That’s what’s makin her legs look odd – the slippers make the feet look even smaller and only work on someone weighing around 100 lbs.

  5. suchi at | | Reply

    Face looks pretty, but wish the dress was longer minus the red shoes. still it is an improvement. About the arms “dee” they are not super easy to tone. it is partly what you are born with, i think it takes a lot ofconsistent effort:(

  6. annie at | | Reply

    She should promptly change into the one of the dresses on the rack.

  7. Zara at | | Reply

    she looks a bit slimmer. horrid shoes though. yuck.

  8. B at | | Reply

    she looks better here by her standards..i think she lost some weight and probably went to rehab so she doesn’t look as bad as she used to..

  9. Namrata at | | Reply

    i agree, i think she has lost weight yet the whole ensemble is quite tacky..

  10. moni at | | Reply

    The wicked witch of the west wants those ruby slippers back from Manisha.

    Follow the yellow brick road ..
    You are off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz
    follow the yellow brick road….
    follow the yellow brick road

  11. Niks at | | Reply

    I think she’s looking gud, considering her last couple of performances

  12. suri at | | Reply

    Her dress and shoes are awful. Not that I know her age but don’t you think she is aging well. Her face looks so young.

  13. malini at | | Reply

    MANYA MANYA MANYA.. what happened to you????
    i still like her in this outfit.. rather than white outfits and red lips

  14. priya at | | Reply

    OMG!!!! skank alert!!!! this dress and the whole ensemble is soooo slutty!!!! i thought manya had better taste than THIS!!!! ewww!!!

  15. Ritu at | | Reply

    Sorry for being explicit, but her boobs look saggy. Overall, it’s badly tailored for her body type. The only thing I like is the color. What makes the whole ensemble worse is that she looks visibly uncomfortable with what she’s wearing.

  16. Surbhi at | | Reply

    what happ to her?? looks like someone sucked out all that fat out of her!! the outfit sucks – it has no style – plus this outfit needs some grace which she obviously doesnt have.. too bad..and the bright red lipstick and stockings are just making the whole look go from bad to worse

  17. Deepa at | | Reply

    Do these celebrities use makeup on their legs and arms too? Sure looks like her legs have some makeup on. If yes, thats some patience! and of course, money.

  18. U at | | Reply

    Take away the accessories and she would look so much better..

  19. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I love a good red shoe (good being the key word) but this is FUGLY to the tenth power
    I’ve always had the thought that people who match too much (too many people) are not …er, artisitcally gifted in the sense of seeing color relationships and taking a risk
    the red lip (and nothing else) looks good on her
    @Deepa, yes they do wear body makeup-I don’t know if she is, but they do
    (and I find the fact that saggy boobs is explicit funny :D )

  20. anoo at | | Reply

    is she seriously wearing sheer tights with tht dress??? umm…..is it uncool or smthin for these celebs to go to a stylist in Mumbai? I dnt understand the itch to dress bad….

  21. Adit at | | Reply

    first the good points
    a) she has lost oodles of weight
    b) she is a pretty girl
    c) its a lovely colour

    now or the bad points
    a) bad legs – with stocking and peep toe shoes – WHY?
    b) bad fit of garment makes boobs look saggy
    c) bag does not match anything…

    but kudos to her for trying albeit a little late in her life to look good….I have seen her for SOOO many parties wearing shapeless clothes that this is a pleasant change..

  22. Protyasha at | | Reply

    Reminds me of Amisha’s match madness.

  23. B at | | Reply

    She has lost weight and hair..

  24. the mad momma at | | Reply

    all else apart – the biggest style crime are those stockings. blech.

  25. Nida at | | Reply

    my my you think this look was inspired by one of her late ’90s songs??? Oh Manisha…

  26. NMV at | | Reply

    Whats with the whole bent leg idea?????

  27. BarFly at | | Reply

    What the?!
    Firstly, that bag should be BANNED. It looks like some kid’s gone wild with crayola. Really really atrocious.
    And that dress? With those calves?
    Hasn’t she heard of a gym?!

  28. pinknoise at | | Reply

    these shoes are from Soul to Sole in bandra among their blingy collection she looks like a red flag in this outfit!!!

    good no ones gonna go near her anyway

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