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  1. Anjali at | | Reply

    oh god! terrible.

  2. Paroma at | | Reply

    Oh my god. Quite apart from all the other issues, she’s being choked by her own clothes.

    1. Pavitra at | | Reply

      How can I like your comment? P&P, please to incorporate a ‘like’ button, like on FB. The zipper on the fron is a complete no-no, creating this ghastly DARK line in the middle. Fashione disastre.

  3. tosh at | | Reply

    she never had a great fashion sense or if any. white is her fav color i get it but at least wear according to ur body type. turtle neck is an absolute no no for busty women n all that embroidery detail makes it even worse. manya plz get a stylist ASAP!!

  4. veenu at | | Reply

    First ever Anamika Khanna that I totally dislike. Phew!!

  5. IdeaSmith at | | Reply

    Move over Simi Garewal, you’ve got a contender to the title of ‘I make white look ugly’.

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