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  1. Su at | | Reply

    The runway version is much more interesting… The work cannot be seen very well on white, it’s getting washed out.

  2. D at | | Reply

    Peach works for me.

  3. G at | | Reply

    White on white/silver always works for me.

  4. cp at | | Reply

    Kareena has worn it so beautifully as well .

  5. saum at | | Reply

    Absolutely, the white saree is much much better and is looking gorgeous on kareena

  6. suchi at | | Reply

    i disagree, the peach looks nicer. the details stand out more

  7. charan at | | Reply

    I love the orange better than the white

  8. annie at | | Reply

    I love the peach version.

  9. s at | | Reply

    The peach is so much better,the silver on peach makes it look elegant, while the silver on white for some reason is putting me off.

  10. KT at | | Reply

    love the peach version.. u can see the design better than white..

  11. jiji at | | Reply

    i personally like the orange version much better -looks so lovely and elegant. The white is nice no doubt but there’s nothing new there, same filmy award number.

  12. ~M! at | | Reply

    one in everycolor! i am so bored with manish malhotra

  13. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    I prefer the orange runway one just because it’s more interesting…i feel like i’ve seen the white sari a million times before…it’s so played out.

  14. Coco at | | Reply

    The white one anyday.

  15. Keya at | | Reply

    dont like either… so dated

  16. Kimmy at | | Reply

    Peach! I’m tired of Kareena’s virgnlinal white all the time LOL… Honestly though, the peach is far more interesting.

  17. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I actually like the peach saree (GASP- I know blasphemy!) but I’ve been staring at that pic for a while and I decided that it’s the blouse I hate, not the saree
    the saree is acutally very interesting, and I like the effect of the draping, but it REQUIRES a very unpretentious blouse

  18. shagufta at | | Reply

    kareena, for proper draping whereas the peach draping is not only bad, the blouse is ugly shiny

  19. k= at | | Reply

    atleast kareena wore in normally. she does look lovely.. but gicing her a saree that hasnt been showcased before is quite ridiculous!

  20. Shweta at | | Reply

    Its’s not a perk if you have to wear this sari:( lol..Same ‘ol same ‘ol…MM needs something new

  21. Kheerni at | | Reply

    I much prefer the peach sari, the color reminds me of the ‘Flaming June’ painting. The gold blouse is horrible though. I think I’dve done a white blouse.

  22. angel at | | Reply

    How much US$ would it be equivalent to for the peach one?

  23. amna at | | Reply

    i like the orange but i dont like the white lines on it!!! only is they were a different shade of orange!!
    kareena cannot pull of this luk!!

  24. Jhilmil at | | Reply

    Hi, Is there any website where I can buy this?

  25. zina at | | Reply

    she’s done her hair like karishma does it.

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