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    Yes, very wearable for the people in the rock and roll business!

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    Why do futuristic clothes have to be robotic looking ??

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      they probably don’t!! but then if they weren’t robotic, people wouldn’t think they are futuristic! hehe :)

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    Love! love the models’ styling as well..

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    how are these dresses wearable and where will u wear these?

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      lol FUNNY!! … hehe yeah except for like 1 or 2 i can’t really imagine how or where i could wear them!

      maybe they mean wearable in comparison some of his other work.. since they don’t have a carousel for a skirt or pointed bra tops to shoot fire out of!!

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      I would wear the two mini-dresses straight off the runway…everywhere ;)
      Haven’t you looked at The Satorialist? I can totally imagine those fiercely stylish beings of awesomeness wearing this collection wihtout a care in the world. It’s all in how seriously you take fashion. I’m sure that when this stuff acutally goes on sale it’ll be completely wearable to the less statuesque folks. I think what P&P were refering to was the fact that there were no animatronic flowers attatched to any of these clothes.

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    HE SHOWED IT AT THE CRAZY HORSE???? Awwww, I’ve been wanting to stalk Dita Von Teese there for ages, I think she’s done with her show though :(
    Oh yeah, there is nothing but love for MA on this front as well :D

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    dunno abt the clothes. the models’ legs look great, and very out of reach. lol

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    ummm, what the hell are these?

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      lol i know. i was about to say that

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    Eccentric genius, but genius nonetheless. The surface ornamentation on the clothes is just amazing! Thank god for this Arora in a world full of Malhotra’s!

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    He has grown so much as a designer, I admire his superiorly skilled use of techniques and aesthetics. You make us proud Manish, Congratulations to you.

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    Check out What To Wear Cover with Kalki in Manish Arora – Nice!

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    Wo wo! Hold on! Genius???? I mean… this looks like… just random “objects” stuck onto fabric (or whatever)…

    Like sometimes we start random free hand drawings n we make something so bizarre, but we think …omg that’s so unique (that no one knows what it is), so I must be a genius!
    According to me, fashion is not about daring to wear rubbish, and pull it off, but wear stuff that becomes the trend and induces the desire of EVERYONE to go get that…and wish! Oh man! I wished I had that outfit!

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    He is mindblowingly creative and probably very well ahead of his times. However we live in the present and he needs to tone it down a notch ….ok a couple of notches. I think the first two dresses are AMAZING…His work could give Balmain a run for their money..ok maybe not.

    BUT he needs to remember the women he is dressing! I think he sort of has it stuck in his head that every woman is a Von Teese or a Lady Gaga…when really we are all just Zooey Deschanels ;-)
    This is one of his more wearable lines BUT you cannot make a line where half of your clothes are not wearable….

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    The way the clothes are presented on the runway is not exactly what will be available in stores. As separates, most of his clothes are very wearable. Yes, they are not for everyone, but then nor are JJ Valaya’s carpet lehengas!

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