It Comes In Threes?


Scratch the really likes the dress. She really really really likes this dress, doesn’t she?!?

But then we shouldn’t be surprised at all, should we? Remember this sari? She wore three different colors of it too! :P


Left: Zara Launch
Center: Blush Clinic Event
Right: Van Heusen Inda Mens Week Auditions


Left: Zara Launch
Center: Blush Clinic Event
Right: Van Heusen Inda Mens Week Auditions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, DesiMartini, IndiaToday


  1. Poor Lady…she got it as “buy one get two free” offer. God, even i would not buy one design in three colours, and i am not very rich.

    BTW, did anyone notice, the gradual development of her B**b from the first pic to the third one?

    • lol thats wt i was thinking when i saw her pic in pink(b**b part) :) maybe she likes the dress so she bought 3 in different colors…she looks better in pink .

    • i think its not that her b**bs r getting bigger,but the red dress thats fitting better on her bustline thats y.jus notice in gold one,her assets r not able to fit on the upper part.ill fitting is the issue i think that could b the reason that she ended up buying the 3 of them.lolzzz.

  2. to me she looks great in all of them and in the previous post we were worried about where her bustline was ( were), in the red version, well she made sure we had no doubts anymore :D

    She does look really lovely in the red one. Now if only she tries to change that hairstyle, sort of bored of it.

  3. mandira bedi has a great body but really needs to dress with a bit more class. she looks like some reluctantly aging character from “ugly betty”.

    • ok i dont see what so un-classy about her or her clothes. she looks fine and she has a great body and she can flaunt it. And what this with age, she is in her 30s, please lets not talk like she is 60 or something.

    • I completely agree. Mandiras got a fantastic body and esp if shes in her 40ies!! cant say much abt her dressing sense but this woman sure works hard on her body.

  4. I wouldn’t buy that dress at all, forget in 3 colors. It doesn’t even fit her correctly. And yes, the b@@b transformation is…umm, huge.

  5. The dress is getting boring – I mean once alright, twice alright but three times already??? And it isn’t like it’s the best dress e-v-e-r or something. I guess maybe she’s very comfortable in it and likes how she looks in it – but still even then. I mean I buy more then one pair of certain things – but it’s usually comfy track pants or may be a top in two diff colors or designs or an absolutely perfect pair of jeans which is a rare find.

  6. Ok…now I like the red one.She could have just bought the red and given us a fabulous look! Killed it with the ‘ one in each color’

  7. Dresses are pretty on her and her haristyle is also pretty….But its too much now.
    She thinks she looks 20/10 in this dress so bought all the colors.
    In US many people do that ..but that is for basics like Tees or sweaters….Celebs shouldnt do that .

  8. You know I kinda relate to her, I am like that too if I like something usually its jeans I tend to buy multiples of the same style but I have never done it with saris!!!!

  9. So many people are obssesed with necklines and cleavage on this site. Its just a bit of skin showing, please lets not dwell on it and point it out so much and make it the focal point of comments , thats a little bit creepy

  10. Kareena’s in the same dress on the cover of the latest T3 (gadget mag) looks like a VAIO promotion. Electric blue.. but i can’t find an online link..

  11. i miss her simplicity that made her a star during her debut through “shanti”

    now she is all .er…….. brightly coloured


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