1. Saran’s outfit is a sad SAD copy of a marc jacobs number (kitty strapless dress; on sale right now :)). When I saw the Marc for the first time I completely fell in love with it, and Saran’s darzi just killed the look!!

  2. I kinda like Shriya’s… it’s quirky :P

    Mallika… ugh. I don’t think that’s even a tunic! She WOULD wear a stretched out tank with nothing else :P

  3. I actually kind of like Shriya’s as well
    :)…although I much prefer the Marc Jacobs
    and isn’t plaid a trend these days?
    I think your right about Mailika Nosh LOL

  4. Shriya’s dress is cute…the plaid is preppy and fresh..a Lara Dutta or Nina Manuel could have carried this look better though!

  5. well a plaid dress should not be a problem as such.. Infact, it would be a refreshing change from all the bling around. And the general uptight dressing.

    But this one is a little tacky interms of the drape and construction. Especially don’t like the concept of the same fabric being rivetted and being made into a belt by adding a sad buckle.

    *sigh* could have been much better.


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