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  1. shwetha at | | Reply

    I think she looks quite nice, the bouffant doesnt look nice. She should avoid the puffy hair style for sure, otherwise I thought the gown looks quite stylish and elegant in white. Like the accessories as well.

    I can’t understand how you don’t utter a peep at Sonam’s consistent choice of atrociously BAD outfits one after the other at Cannes – if I remember, “Overwhelmed” was the strongest criticism you uttered, but then go for the jugular with a poor Mallika who looks quite allright IMHO in comparison to quite a few faux pas committed this year. I really wish HHC would remove the layer of bias or at least a partial layer and be back to being (at the least – a moderate) straight shooter.

    1. ruserious at | | Reply

      You are not serious, are you ?

    2. ada at | | Reply

      Becoz they are obsessed with Sonam. And in their books she can’t do any wrong. They even deleted the comments on aishwaryas post bashing Sonam. Sonam needs a humble pie.

  2. colormenot at | | Reply

    This dress should be safely ‘canned’ in Cannes!

  3. Maya at | | Reply

    I need a bucket to puke in… x(

  4. Sarah at | | Reply

    Yes I will echo comment 1- Mallika is a sitting duck on this site. Not cool. Do please remember international fashion sites including vanity fair have featured Mallika’s photos and found her gown and necklace (Mabille, Boucheron) tasteful and striking. This white gown not so flattering but hey Sonam’s emu look wasn’t either.
    So I agree- just because of the indian tendency to find mallika a court jester does not mean we diss her at every opportunity. She looked generally good at Cannes 2015- be fair and appreciate it.

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    2. Chez at | | Reply

      So True!! Can you imagine the bashing she would have got, had she worn Sonam’s Feather outfit??

      1. Chez at | | Reply

        That being said, its not that I like Mallika’s outfit. It sorta looks like she has a dance costume underneath, and shes worn a white gown on top of it

        1. Sarah at | | Reply

          Agree – not a good gown- more like a mardi gras costume. But it seems there is so much snobbery and prejudice that nothing Mallika can do will cut any ice. She looks pretty darn good in the blue Hobeika today. I hope that silences some of the nay-Sayers.

  5. Summer at | | Reply

    She looks pretty tacky.

  6. Anon at | | Reply

    This is not Aishwarya. And the dress and hair are both atrocious.

    1. zainab at | | Reply

      I second that! Poor Malika..just because she does not have a powerful surname and she’s always being herself and not changing with everydamn ocassion then people think they have the right to always say negative things about her.

  7. Su at | | Reply

    She looks ok. Yes, agree about the hair and gown. But I detest here are some of the comments (related to puke, aging mom etc) and I am dismayed that are approved.

  8. Fashionfever at | | Reply

    Not a great look but I saw her pink dress on vanity fair’s best dressed list. Good for her!

    1. Sarah at | | Reply


  9. Fashion bubble at | | Reply

    Ugh ugh ugh

  10. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

    Looks like someone pulled her dress and poured a jar of jelly beans into her chest area. Awful, in one word!! Sorry!!

  11. Asha at | | Reply

    Really? I thought the gown was actually pretty good. Yes that bouffant does not suit her at all, but she looks nice!

  12. Amani at | | Reply

    On what basis is she invited to Cannes year after year?

  13. fc at | | Reply

    yeaks,her face..its bleeding patchy makeup ,a total tacky presentation.

  14. Rupal at | | Reply

    she is trying too hard and has no taste at the same time

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