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  1. AM at | | Reply

    Please please Indian girls no more Forever 21.

    It’s the equivalent of someone coming to India and buying a 500 Rs garden polyester sari to be ethnic and all.

    1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      Don’t be a snob, style has nothing to do with the price tag

    2. Sej at | | Reply

      For some of us that don’t have the biggest bank balance Forever 21 is a saviour at times to get something we couldn’t otherwise. Why the hate? It’s not that bad. And on the sari note – some of my 500 Rs saris (yes – I own a few of those) look so nice people mistake them for being worth much more.

      1. madhu at | | Reply

        yup,totally agree with sej.

      2. bongbabe at | | Reply

        i have several saris that cost around rs 500 too. lovely cotton handlooms.

        1. ko at | | Reply

          wearing bigger brands does not make you fashionista.
          I shop at forever 21 and am proud of it.. :)

          1. AM at |

            I wasn’t referring to the price, being kadki I buy ultra cheap stuff. Just the tackiness of it. And nothing will convince me that F21 and polyester saris are not tacky.

    3. lazyU at | | Reply

      A dud is a dud regardless of how many lakhs you spend on it. It isn’t going to turn into something great just by the money spent on it. A garden polyester sari will always work way better than all the cheap bling Manish Malhotra Sari’s money can buy.

      Mallika looks cute and comfortable.

    4. SMV at | | Reply

      What is wrong with Forever21??? I luv that store and shop there for trendy clothes and jewellary all the time.
      Oh and btw there is nothing wrong with wearing Rs500 sari’s. There are a lot of high end stores all over India where you can get gorgeous sari’s/outfits for that same price.

    5. Myna at | | Reply

      Well, with a low budget Forever21 is great way to spice up your wardrobe. However, that cannot replace building a good wardrobe with key classic pieces (even if it is expensive). Forever21 for me is like the decaf tea I drink between my 9 am and 3 pm coffees.

    6. priya at | | Reply

      what on earth is wrong with F21? I love shopping there and wear my F21 clothes proudly. neither is there anything wrong with Rs. 500 saris. I have a few of those and they’re gorgeous. there’s no need to be so patronizing. fashion is about wearing what u like, what makes u comfy, and what looks good on you – regardless of the price tag.

    7. KitschQueen at | | Reply

      Using the word ‘tacky’ for F21 is plain ridiculous. LOL! Can’t believe that!
      They have real neat, pocket-friendly, trendy stuff.. and we love our designer pieces, no doubt… but it’s not about the price ever.

  2. Scarlett at | | Reply

    Please, this is a frock, not a dress. And her boobs are popping out in a weird way.

  3. Akshara at | | Reply

    Sweet! I like.

  4. Meenakshi at | | Reply

    Dress looks great..she could do with closing that mouth and smiling instead…

  5. Faria at | | Reply

    awwww, she looks like she’s having fun and she looks cute, I think her appearances have improved recently. Good on you Malaika.

    1. Faria at | | Reply

      oops, meant mallika :P

  6. Shalu at | | Reply

    When will Mallika stop smiling like this. How does she get it exactly the same everytime…its a mystery for me!
    nice dress otherwise :-)

  7. dida at | | Reply

    i found the dress…but where can i get the legs :(

    1. Vanaja at | | Reply

      Very true. How can we get these great legs?

    2. KitschQueen at | | Reply


  8. reet at | | Reply

    I don’t like! To me, she is a case of “try too hard”..However hard she tries, she seems to elude elegance, dignity and grace with whatever she wears…Rather looks like trying too hard to attract with her dresses with that forced smile..Nothing is natural, poised and graceful..

  9. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    she so darn cute!!! i just wanna pinch her cute nose!!

  10. bongbabe at | | Reply

    takes a lot of guts to be well endowed and wear big polka dots.

  11. seear at | | Reply

    Forever21 -is FOR -EVERry one.
    I love the store and its prices…
    And its fabric seems better to me than Guess .

    1. KitschQueen at | | Reply

      OMG! I totally agree!

  12. kiwi at | | Reply

    cute dress, can’t really comment much on her since I can barely see her.

  13. monika at | | Reply

    Not bad at all……….

  14. meera at | | Reply

    hey, iam in india, i was thinkn of getn few stuff from Forever21 online…on the site it looks pretty good..but i dont know about the fabric n quality….how is it?? anyone?

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