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  1. Rii at | | Reply

    Looks like she finally realized that sensationalism amounts to nothing. She’s looking good. I liked her first appearance too.

  2. LK at | | Reply

    I love the gown.. though I do wish the cagey frame thing under the skirt wasn’t visible.must be the camera flash

  3. asmozonic at | | Reply

    oh, she’s given us quite a few shockers on the red carpet! this is such a lovely and elegant look, thankfully without any ‘twist’!

  4. angl at | | Reply

    holy moly! this is probably the first time her face has looked beautiful to me. looks stunning here!

  5. Rina at | | Reply

    Don’t love the gown but she looks good!

  6. Ratna at | | Reply

    What an improvement! But why is she at Cannes every year?

    1. olive at | | Reply

      +1 Is she in a movie? Who knows…

  7. The Hellenist at | | Reply

    I somehow feel the impact Sonam’s appearance in D&G made inspired her to try this silhouette,talking about which, D&G almost never do any form of romantic, subtle or whimsical well, the structure of this gown is trademark D&G but the work on it is sooo Elie Saab..I wouldn’t have known any better had it not been mentioned..

    1. Mick at | | Reply

      See i disagree,for an important event like Cannes i wud plan my wardrobe months ahead and im not even a celebrity to be that finicky……..although im a stylist,and wud wanna plan which is not always the case but im sure this is just a co-incidence,look at the lingirie material and the sassy zombie bride vibe,it scream Ma-ll-i-ka,in other news,arent u all excited for the bachellorette?

      1. The Hellenist at | | Reply

        in other news you sure sound like her PR as well….

        1. LK at | | Reply


  8. Renetta at | | Reply

    I would easily say i love this look 100% if all the tulle under that dress didn’t make it look like she borrowed someone else’s body from the waste down. The dress is nice and from her boobs up looks normal but man… ugh this is upsetting! This could have been a great moment for her!

    1. Renetta at | | Reply

      My bad now that i zoomed in i see it’s not tulle

  9. Slc at | | Reply

    Oh my, she looks fab!

  10. dn at | | Reply

    She looks great! The gown suits her very well. But what has happened to her lips?

  11. Nick at | | Reply

    She might have realized since the Pucci that you can only do something so many times before people stop noticing you.

  12. Lola at | | Reply

    Well done.

  13. shaila at | | Reply

    as long as she’s not about to flash her bottom, i am happy with anything she wears.

  14. SS at | | Reply

    Gasp! Is that really Malliaka? She looks lovely…

  15. charan at | | Reply

    She looks pretty good…

  16. Southern star at | | Reply

    Lovely!!!! Good for Malliaka. Refreshing change from all the Fakesy Indian costumes

  17. NJ at | | Reply

    Mallika is Looking Fab n she has maintained the status of cannes n represent the new India but Vidya n sonam :(

  18. Sayaali at | | Reply

    Wow she is looking so hot….I like her dressing sense

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