Pretty In Pink?


We loved her last appearance in the gorgeous yellow gown but can’t say the same about this appearance at all. The dress was young fun and flirty and could have been played up with the right accessories but those silver shoes were quite a killjoy. You like?

P.S. Doesn’t this dress remind you of the Notte By Marcesa number?


Mallika Sherawat at ‘Half The Sky’ Book Party

Photo Credit: Wireimage


  1. Right, the shoes are bad. The color, the style of it – all wrong. But I love the pink ! It looks great on her skin tone !
    Also I don’t really see the similarity with the Notte By Marcesa dress. Mallika’s is more feathery and the other one has ruffles and the ruffles start way higher on the body.Yes they are both pink , tight on top and flares out below – but isn’t that half of America’s prom dress ! LOL

  2. her face and hair look gorgeous. dress is way too barbie for me still it’s more tasteful than some of the other things she’s worn in the past and the colour does suit her.

  3. Till i scrolled down to the shoes I was wondering why there was a question mark after the “Pretty in Pink”
    cause it’s a cute dress and she looks great in it
    but the shoes are so off

  4. The lone ranger reporting-don’t like the dress. I did from the top glimpse but then I saw the whole thing. Makes me think ballerina or something. And the shoes the less said the better. And that close up pic isn’t all that attractive either.

  5. ohhh I like!! she looks fresh and good and different…this is one woman who likes to experiement with her looks ( of course some go terribly wrong…like we’ve seen a NUMBER of times)…but I gotta give it to her for being fun and confident…!

  6. Omg why is she wearing pantyhose :| that’s sooo weirdddd. She looks so good though otherwise!!! Love the dress and colour and I don’t think the shoes are bad with the dress, could have been better but at least it makes her outfit interesting. Her hair looks SO GOOD.. wish PC’s hair was more like this. She looks pretty.


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