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  1. kiwi at | | Reply

    Perfect… no complaints about the hair either– this is the best any Indian celebrity(!?) has looked at Cannes this year.. she tops Ash’s simple look

  2. meh at | | Reply

    she needs to invest in buying herself a new smile if not a new pose…

    1. Hema at | | Reply

      Exactly my thought! I think the color looks fab on her and the cut is really simple, but elegant. I just wish she’d try on a new smile. This big open mouth smile is taking over her face.

  3. Shikha at | | Reply

    It is such a relief to see a pic of Mallika where she is not posing with an open mouth!! :P

  4. Saniya at | | Reply

    In all her pictures, why does her smile look….forced? Regardless, her outfit is much better than before. This color is so fresh!

    1. Purva at | | Reply

      Its when she has closed her mouth in the 3rd pic that looks forced!!


  5. Malaika at | | Reply

    True, the color suits her and the minimalistic look is suiting her.
    But the plastic smile has to go…………..

    1. debbie at | | Reply

      She looks really nice…colour n cut looking fab on her…but agree with u, the smile is just not working :)

  6. beans at | | Reply

    love the look, head to toe!

  7. usha at | | Reply

    She looks pretty..agreed..
    Should have done her hair in a different way may be..

  8. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Has she ever tied up her hair in her life ? Would love to see how that looks on her. A Neat clean high pony. She has a beautiful face and she should not mess it up with such helmet like hair dos.

    And well the third picture for once has a different mouth expression than her standard photo smile.

  9. lara at | | Reply

    she looks awesome. love the cheerful colour. thank goodness she left the snake behind. she does need to modify her smile though.

  10. bongbabe at | | Reply

    way to go mallika! nailed this one, imho. i find nothing wrong with the hairdo either.

  11. laxmi at | | Reply

    i think she has come a long way.. and looks quite beautiful..

  12. H at | | Reply

    She does look a little bit preggers, but kudos for doing SO much better than in the past.

  13. WTF at | | Reply

    She looks so good. Certainly Aishwarya could learn a lesson here.

  14. monika at | | Reply

    Pulled back hair would have done wonders here

  15. chandu at | | Reply

    Mallika looks cute in Pink. Way better than Ash. Somehow ash looks older than Mallika

  16. S at | | Reply

    Me likey! Everything came together great.

  17. rushed at | | Reply

    love this look….. hair and all!

  18. AnI at | | Reply

    i like it !! its simple yet so refreshing !

  19. Usha at | | Reply

    Am loving this look .The color looks radiant on her.Maybe she could have gone a little easy on the hair and tried a messy look or something….

  20. karishma at | | Reply

    finally a burst of colour. this is by far her best look. glad to see that she left the snake at home this time!

  21. zainab at | | Reply

    Finally she dares to wear some color :)
    looks really nice on her..both the color and the design of the dress..and yeah she needs a new hair stylist for sure..otherwise with that kind of body she looks lovely whatever she wears :)

  22. Clio at | | Reply

    I understand your problem with her “do” but I honestly think it works this way, this time! She looks great overall, and can handle that pink better than lots of other women.

  23. Kari at | | Reply

    She looks pretty damn fine. The cut and color is fantastic, better than Ash’s gown, which is kinda similar. She’s managed to really hold her own at Cannes. I think there’s a danger I might actually start to like her =P

  24. jp at | | Reply

    For once, I think she looks lovely!

  25. Chandraamma at | | Reply

    Don’T like her hair but I think her dress is very nice & simple on her…..although not! Work on that expression MS!

  26. Katie at | | Reply

    This is perfect. And the hair is such a vast improvement over that god forsaken finger-in-a-light-socket look she was sporting a couple of days ago, I really can’t see anything to complain about.

  27. cleopatra at | | Reply

    cmon now.. give it to her this time, you are being tooo critical.

  28. tia at | | Reply

    Though she looks great, I think Mallika looks her best when she wears OTT stuff that matches her vivacious personality, she is a bold, fun and sexy lady – so covering up this much kinda doesn’t do the look justice. I prefer Mallika when she is herself, just totally going for the shock and awe treatment…

  29. Pri at | | Reply

    with her.. as long as the twins stay in and her mouth stays shut.. it’s a “yes”. and it seems like she has only 1 expression when it comes to picture taking.. sooo annoying!

  30. rêve at | | Reply

    I think she is totally working this gown and the color!

  31. as at | | Reply

    i love her look minus her repetitive hair and the silver clutch..i wonder y she doesn’t make a pony or smethin

  32. Chandraamma at | | Reply

    I think MS is destine to be a big Hollywood movie star ….she has the focus and the right attitude for it! I like that she’s not narcissistic….. She does not go around with an inflated image. She is confidence and smart!! And I love her sense of style and her humor

  33. uumema at | | Reply

    i really ladmire the dress the colour is so nice…but why she never chenges her hairstyle and makeup!!

  34. Rhea88 at | | Reply

    Finally the pretty face gets a beautiful burst of color to compliment. Love it!

  35. ariel001 at | | Reply

    She has beautiful hair!

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