Mallika at amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala: First Look


The white feathered dress is much too princess-ey/whimsical (or perhaps we can blame Björk for ruining it for us) for our taste but there is no denying the fact that Mallika looks amazing in it. She also finally got the accessories and the hair right.

We love that she just is having so much fun with the look.

Mallika Sherawat at amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala
64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Photo Credit: Daylife


    • Agree…Mallika has left Ash and even far behind with her choices this time @ Cannes…loving this feathery dress on her!

  1. I agree, It’s not my favorite dress but she caries it off very well.

    Are Sonam and/or Aishwarya attending the gala too?

  2. She looks great..despite attending Cannes almost everyday..she doesnt’ look tired ..but every bit favorite look on her so far!!!

  3. Thank god she is not wearing one of her Prom-ey gowns/dresses…this one looks fun, fresh and whimsical without being too caricaturish. Her face is already pretty elongated, so a Skookie-like beehive puff makes it worse. This hairstylling is better but i would have liked to see her go easier on the puff

  4. im loving. love the dress and her hair and for the first tim everr… she gets the SMILE right!!! :D
    change is good, keep it up M!! :)

  5. OMG!! i guess Mallika is a regular to this site and she has been reading our comments and really working hard on that smile of her’s… and now her smile looks so very genuine and overall she looks fab but her clutch is again a dissapointment … probably the best red carpet pictures of mallika these r

  6. Don’t like the gown, don’t like feathers but have to say she looks really good! Hair, makeup, body all get a tick from me!

  7. its soo ironic that mallika and sonam are at cannes in the same year…earlier i thought it would be soo sad for mallika as sonam is sure to outshine everyone…but…seriously now i feel bad for sonam….mallika has done a fab job with her clothes and make up…poor sonam kapoor she is being compare with mallika and sonam is definately not scoring over her :( ….sonam messed up each time …… i hope she is not reading this ;)

  8. Wow! She looks so gorgeous. While I dont like the dress, and intensely dislike feathers on clothes, this woman looks so good. Her skin looks fresh and glowing. Her hair, makeup, smile – perfect!


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