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  1. Nisha at | | Reply

    Love the colour and style of the dress but not feeling the shoes. They look like they’re slowly creeping up her legs. I think she should have worn some wedge pumps in a dark purple. Also, she should have put up her hair and worn some chandelier or kundan earrings.

  2. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    That’s a Zara dress…and she’s looking really good!!

  3. aparna at | | Reply

    love everything but the shoes… she should’ve worn slinkier, more delicate shoes in a gold perhaps.
    but ankles up she looks wonderful. great make up!

  4. SSN at | | Reply

    It’s the halston heritage dress right?

  5. Shubha at | | Reply

    Shoes are horrible…She is looking good ankle up..

  6. Anushree at | | Reply

    It’s a Zara dress. Somehow she makes everything look tacky!

  7. fashionfreak at | | Reply

    This is a zara dress. just picked up a same piece from london…
    ULP. Suddenly dont feel like wearing it ;-)

  8. anne at | | Reply


  9. kiran at | | Reply

    love the dress but agree that the shoes don’t complement it

  10. Puja at | | Reply

    Se looks lovely.. love the color..
    nt feeling those ankle strap heels.. wedges wud ve looked way much better..

  11. charan at | | Reply

    Same shoes she wore with the feather dress at Cannes. I guess she got to keep it.

    I like the fun, flirty dress… but the shoes in this case was too severe.

  12. Faiza at | | Reply

    wow love her simple make up….the colour is awesome on her…. she looks elegant and easy on eyes

  13. theresa at | | Reply

    i swear that dress is from TOPSHOP lol

  14. Prachi at | | Reply

    That is such a Halston Heritage rip-off! the dress..

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