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  1. ... at | | Reply

    yes matching dress, bag, shoes AND HAIR!

  2. shona at | | Reply

    she looks cute. wish she wasn’t so blond

  3. suchi at | | Reply

    brown or copper coloured shoes would be better

  4. Ricebunny at | | Reply

    Hmm.Way to matchy matchy. Devalues some of the ‘to die for’ shoes/bags! :P

  5. k at | | Reply

    would’ve looked fab minus the bag!

  6. Nosh at | | Reply

    Might I add… I’ve been drooling over these shoes for MONTHS!! I love the black pair.

  7. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i like the black pair.. but dont like anything about the lady.. looks like she immersed herself in yellow paint!

  8. Veens at | | Reply

    i lov the golden pair! yumm!

  9. Violet at | | Reply

    very gorgeous shoes.

  10. Yamy at | | Reply

    The hair.. ohhh the hair, takes all the attention. I wonder why is she going the Amisha Patel way!

  11. Adit at | | Reply

    for a woman who had two crap marriages in a row, and now is happily married I think she looks awesome, and then the best revenge of all, look EVEN better than you did earlier.

  12. Flower Power at | | Reply


  13. U at | | Reply

    Um.. the hair kind of kills the look.. I rather do like what she’s wearing though.. just not together..

  14. lolita at | | Reply

    I’m in love with her turquoise long necklace, Can you please find it P&P??

  15. jazz at | | Reply

    she didnt even spare the hair :D

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