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  1. amber at | | Reply

    at some point, she obviously forgot to suck her tummy in :)

    1. KS at | | Reply


    2. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      aww..c’mon the woman is forty and we’re ALL guilty of having done that some point in time when we were not at our fittest

      1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

        as for the dress itself, I like this the least of the three versions, which is to say I do not like it at all

  2. mj15 at | | Reply

    i think she looks awesome…the length is off and her tummy does stick out…but that face exudes health adn happiness

  3. msmeow at | | Reply

    Oohhh, a size too small? The seems are gonna burst open any moment now. Too blingy…not liking it.

  4. mia at | | Reply

    malina looks a fright

  5. Nick at | | Reply

    She looks like someone vaccumed her into Michelle Pfeiffer’s catwoman suit. I wouldn’t mind a shorter version of the dress.. but I am guessing it would still be a tough thing to squeeze in.

  6. Antonia at | | Reply

    I hate her hair & clutch. Hair should be up to show top part of dress.
    I think her body looks fab for her age. & her shoes look cute.

  7. omg at | | Reply

    Check out Malini’scollection at indonesia fashion wek..posted by you in Novemebr..this might then be her own creation as it looks pretty similar to one of the outfits she showed there

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