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  1. annie at | | Reply

    Imagine that dress on Pratima and it would have been age-inappropriate-wthey stuff. I like the chooridar more than the dress although both look fine.

  2. Rachna at | | Reply

    You have mixed up the left and right in your picture tilte.
    The left one is the right one and vice versa.

  3. Jisha at | | Reply

    this fabric would’ve made a beautiful maxi dress

    1. amber at | | Reply

      i agree. not liking it in either versions we see here though

  4. Kangana at | | Reply

    …I think you switched the picture IDs for this one!

  5. monika at | | Reply

    It’s a “neither” for me

  6. Parul at | | Reply

    Love the print! So summer chic. Loved the dress but the outfit looks good too! Its got the romance of a french chiffon. A sari would look gorgeous.

  7. NotDoneYet at | | Reply

    I don’t like the dress version at all.. way too slouchy and big to look breezy.
    The churidar version suits malini.. so not bad.

  8. Purple at | | Reply

    Wow, Malini Agarvalla looks awesome…compared to one of her older posts.

  9. romi at | | Reply

    I liked pratimas clutch – PP do you have a clearer picture?

  10. PG at | | Reply

    I like the churidar version. Very elegant and age appropriate. The dress is just horribly cut. She look like she is wearing a curtain.

  11. star at | | Reply

    The print is fabulous, but whats with the dress straps? Looks like its been designed by an ameteur!!

  12. Engimatic520 at | | Reply

    I really love Pratima’s dress and I’m a big fan of this print. I wish we saw more people wearing her collection!

  13. shaila at | | Reply

    both are fine for a casual look. malini looks really nice here. she’s slimmed down a lot.

  14. Nick at | | Reply

    I think the churidar looks much better than the dress and I would like to see it on someone like Neetu Kapoor or as a maxi dress on someone younger. The dress is ok.. without the pink straps on the shoulder. What is with the pearls? Pink lips? and that awful bag?

  15. Imsochic at | | Reply

    PRatima looks breezy and elegant as always. love her print on her. (p.s. u have switched them around in name)

  16. blinkandmiss at | | Reply

    How is this stuff called “designer stuff” if I bet you can find very similar stuff by truckloads at Indian markets for no more than 350/- Rs? Very ordinary in my opinion.

  17. Chhaya at | | Reply

    I love it on both. Very beautiful and romantic. Fresh!

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