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  1. Nabila at | | Reply

    The bag Bipasha’s wearing is from Accessorize! I have the exact same one which is why I’m positive! Moreover, it’s only £40! Not that bad of a deal, is it?! x

  2. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    Malaika looks so nice! Only i feel that the black bangle and necklace make it look like she’s trying too hard! Wished she had skipped them.

    1. nina at | | Reply

      I agree!she would have looked great even without the black accessories..

    2. k at | | Reply

      you’re right but she has beautiful l smile, very very hot.
      she so beautiful she does n’t have to do anything, she looks good in anything.

  3. suchi at | | Reply

    malaika looks really nice. bipasha looks really bad

  4. annie at | | Reply

    bipasha is going through a midlife crisis.

  5. Myla at | | Reply

    Malaika looks so nice (black accessories notwithstanding) and age-appropriate. Bipasha on the other hand, as Annie says, seems to be going through a mid-life crisis. It’s a WTHey from me.

  6. HeadtoHeels at | | Reply

    Bipasha is trying to be trendy like so hard, that she has mixed the neon trend (belt), with the ethnic trend (bag) with the bright color trend (the tee) with the distressed denim trend and the nude trend and lastly the red pout trend!
    With all of this she just looks clownish!

    It would have worked if maybe the tee was black or navy.

  7. Kbkb at | | Reply

    Bipasha is looking like she went to an audition for ‘Chameli’…lol at annie. midlife crisis indeed

  8. Fairy at | | Reply

    Oh God whats Bips thinking? She looks like so so so wanna be!

  9. blmrlt1102 at | | Reply

    Malaika – classy. (why the beads, though?) Bipasha – trashy. A classic example of how even a great-looking woman can easily end up looking bad.

  10. ash at | | Reply

    I actually like Bipasha’s look :D smething very mismatched quirky about it. Made me smile :D

  11. wannabe at | | Reply

    I love Malaika’s style, like someone mentioned earlier she looks great in whatever she wears!! Super!

  12. Prettyinpink at | | Reply

    Hey, Bipasha’s bag is from Accessorize!!

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