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  1. Myla at | | Reply

    I’m no Malaika’s fan as far as fashion goes but in this case – despite the Tanishaa Mukherjee hair – and the scary, non-cohesive footwear – she wins this one.

  2. altair at | | Reply

    1. Malaika 2. Sonali 3. Soniya. Soniya needs to stop trying to make the flower-power fashion become relevant again. It ain’t gonna happen!

    1. pinkie at | | Reply

      wow u are a hater

  3. sree at | | Reply

    Malaika’s hair + makeup look bad here. Soniya’s entire look is ghastly and Sonali looks the best here minus those tacky shoes. Simple black pumps would’ve looked a lot better on Sonali.

  4. Cheeky Thing at | | Reply

    Actually a very tough one this… malaika if posed better wud have been the obvious choice … i have skirt from urban outfitters which looks so much like what Soniya is wearing … nothing interesting here …Sonali though pretty looks like some unfinished business … i pass :(

  5. Neharika at | | Reply

    Malaika’s shoes are ridiculous….Sonali looks good as usual..

  6. Amodini at | | Reply

    Sonali’s is the (relatively) better look here. Malaika shouldn’t do jumpsuits. Soniya’s look is simply ghastly.

  7. Adara at | | Reply

    Sonali looks nice. I don’t mind the t-straps. I am sick of the pointy ones and the bulky platform pumps. Malaika, as usual looks tacky in that pose/stance. Soniya should stop trying this hard.

  8. sheena at | | Reply

    malaika’s legs look funny!! they look shorter then her heels!! hahaha.

  9. fashionfever at | | Reply

    I like Sonali here. Nothing special but looks sweet and decent. Fed up of Soniya’s headband and over cuteness style and that frilly skirt which if someone else of same height was wearing, definitely would have got HHC attention.

    Malaika, if had not stuck her butt out with better shoes, could have got my vote.

  10. umarana at | | Reply

    soniya’s skirt is meh and unexciting. sonali’s tunic looks ghastly with that motif all down the front. ergo, malaika.

  11. anoushka at | | Reply

    @altair FYI Flower Power never goes out of style! I think people commenting on this site need to stop following trends and start understanding that there is something called style that exists. And style cannot be bought. Its worn according to your personality! I respect Ms Mehra for always giving us something so out of the box everytime. Instead of the same bimbo brigade wearing cut out copies from magazines and fashion blogs. In fact i think Soniya and Natasha Poonawalla are probably the only two who actually have STYLE and dont need to buy FASHION. Big difference.

    1. umarana at | | Reply

      agree w/ you on Natasha but Soniya wears what she gets for free from designers so can’t call it style more like convenience. i bet you none of these ladies pays for these clothes, especially when it’s the Surily mode of “style”.

  12. anoushka at | | Reply

    hahahahah that is the most hilarious thing ever! Soniya is hardly ever dressed in designer. shes mostly dressed in high street, vintage or flee market! and why should celebrities pay for clothes from local designers anyway? they are literally promoting them and being featured on sites like HHC and fashion magazines. and then people like you and me see it and want to buy it. guess you never thought of that? oh and which Hollywood star even pays for a dress or gown that they wear to their respective events? its the way fashion and celebrities go together! I rest my case!

    1. umarana at | | Reply

      @anoushka – i meant ‘surily’ in this case as ‘designer’ & if you consider Soniya a celebrity and Surily a designer that’s entirely your standard of evaluation not one that others need to adhere to. real celebrities don’t need paid PR or freebies from non-celebrity friends trying to be known for nothing but their face and name. real celebrities have some form of talent and work with real brands. it is so frustrating that people like you swallow any old rich kid with a kaarigar set up as a designer and/or celebrity.

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