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  1. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    She looks great and that color looks wonderful on her. Maybe she needed to size up, cos it looks tight in her bust area. On a different note, this woman has enviable skin.

    1. Melange at | | Reply

      Beautiful dress that not many people can carry as well as Malaika Arora.

  2. Avani at | | Reply

    Back to trashy skin show. And the silly posing. The color is lovely.

  3. Wild flower at | | Reply

    Oh my God! I would kill myself for that body.
    Enviable skin, body and bone structure she has.
    She looks amazing.

  4. slc at | | Reply

    Love the color and the dress certainly shows off her curves and hey…she looks darn good.

  5. Riya at | | Reply

    I come to this blog only to see what Malaika is wearing. She never disappoints me. Always does full justice to her body and beauty. Gorgeous.

  6. Anki at | | Reply

    omg. those poses … someone call this woman and tell her. On the model this dress looks graceful and classy. Here… not so much.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Lol. Agree. Some people have the knack to make classy things look bad.

    2. arpitha at | | Reply

      pnp can u add the models pics pls. I have requested this before as well, previously you used to do that.
      This will also be good way for the models to appear in your blog and be appreciated :-)

  7. Himani at | | Reply

    Dat a**! M ogling at her (m a straight woman..lol) Bt yess, its too much for Indian tv show..once in a while is fine bt in every episode, she appears in such outfits dat it ends up luking trashy at times n dat novel factor is lost!

  8. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Lovely! The top half of the gown looks really good on her. That is quite some cleavage and a tough neckline (a ringed one et al) to pull off. She makes it look nice & sophisticated! Don’t like the bottom half of the gown as much but like always, she is working it. Quite a queen of gowns she is!

  9. Judge at | | Reply

    I don’t get the grief people give Malaika, on her “dressing” sense. Indian TV is not above stereotypes, and she is supposed to play the glam/sexy host – which to her credit, she does exceedingly well in her outfits.

  10. Asha at | | Reply

    Ye gods, the posing. If she actually stood like a normal person, we might not recognize her.

  11. Arch at | | Reply

    Wow!! This lady is never going to age.

  12. Unda murgi at | | Reply

    That’s a gorgeous woman in a tacky dress with a tacky pose.

    1. Fashionvibe at | | Reply


  13. SG at | | Reply

    What a figure she has!! everything is just so proportionately right! love the risks she takes, as always!

    1. $$$ at | | Reply

      She has the right curves at the right places. So proportionate her body is.
      She looks great.

  14. FashionFauxPas at | | Reply

    She looks lovely… however, I have watched a few episodes of IGT and found couple of her outfits a bit too revealing for a TV show, where there are kids and youngsters as participants. I can understand if she wears these outfits for beauty contest or an awards night! A bit OTT for me!

    1. Himani at | | Reply

      Cudn’t agree more..+100

  15. Veronica at | | Reply

    Mesmerizing! Those curves , that body… totally swooning.

    PS: P&P you didn’t cover Malaika’s Eid look in Rimple and Harmeet Narula outfit. She looked totally classy.

  16. Supriya at | | Reply

    Such a pretty face, but she over does it sometimes. IGT is NOT the show where this dress was suited for. She is not walking on the red carpet. The audience is raw desi. This was a bit much.

  17. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Super bod and face, gorgeous woman! Colour looks great on her but not a fan of the gown; that open center bit and the mesh isn’t great.

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