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  1. Jyoti at | | Reply

    So the main question comes back… When does she starts aging?

  2. hmm at | | Reply

    Eww… this is such a trashy get up.

  3. Bloo at | | Reply

    Oh definitely!! I agree….

  4. ariel001 at | | Reply

    why does abraaz allow her to dress this way everytime. atleast wear something traditional for once.

    hate the dress. love the shoes & clutch but not on her.

  5. MM at | | Reply

    her body is fab.. but the outfit is not classy at all..

  6. bliss at | | Reply

    very trashy!!!

  7. jazz at | | Reply

    Omg, Malaika forgot her jeans! :D

    1. meria at | | Reply


  8. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    The dress is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaally short. Does she remain standing at all times ? I LOVE those shoes and the red clutch. And I love how she keeps her face looking so fresh. A dab of red lipstick and she’ll turn into Roxanne / Karamel

  9. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Its definitely the red shoes that make it look so trashy. Otherwise its no different from her usual style.
    @ariel001 – I don’t understand why Arbaaz would have a say in what she wears. She’s old enough to pick her own outfits, I presume.

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  11. shonali at | | Reply

    oh dear. the whole look is way too trashy. @ariel001, malaika is a grown adult and i don’t think she needs to check in with anyone about what she wears even if it looks bad to most of us. people should be free to make their own mistakes.

  12. cooks at | | Reply

    Shes actually in her late 30’s…so not that old. She can still wear those kinda clothes. Wonder how she sits, if its this short while shes standing.

  13. Buttercup at | | Reply

    weird dress…. and crazy red…thankfully she didnt paint her nails red!!!

  14. Shuchi at | | Reply

    I like the shoes and clutch by themselves, maybe in a different color or paired with a different outfit they’d have looked great.

  15. Nidhi at | | Reply


  16. Megha at | | Reply

    i guess there’s nothing to add that already hasn’t been said

    she is such a beautiful woman and sure she can carry off any outfit…but a great figure shows nicely even when a bit more covered

    and i love red an red shoes normally but these are awfulll.

  17. Megha at | | Reply

    just looked at it again
    from the 2nd photo i’m sure this is not meant to be a dress
    it barely covers the essentials and well she’s a petite woman
    this has to be a top that she has worn as a dress right…
    i mean i get short but this is just ridiculous

  18. debs at | | Reply

    @ Megha, u r so damn right! this is a top meant to be worn over skinny jeans and such. well…i guess she just forgot her pants.

  19. melange at | | Reply

    Agree wid Megha…that’s got to be a top, that she is passing off as a dress.

  20. cracker at | | Reply

    is it just me or does she just NOT have the legs for these short clothes??????????????????

  21. Ketaki D at | | Reply

    omg this woman has a gorgeous backside!

  22. Misia at | | Reply

    She doesn’t have the best legs just like her sister, Amrita, the dress is too shiny and the colour of accessories(shoes and bag) don’t go with the dress.

  23. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    @ cracker

    I so agree with you! Just look at her thighs.

  24. FPDP at | | Reply

    She is short. It’s funny that she is so short in real life but always looks so tall on screen or in photos. I always thought she was like 5 7 or sthg untill she said that she is actually VERY short and so she tries to dress up in a way that makes her look tall. Next to Amrita she looks like a tiny thing most of the time! She wears serious high heels!!

  25. Adit at | | Reply

    well first and foremost she is 5.5′ not 4 as some one said. she is also turning 33 this year and not in her late 30’s. She has always been hip heavy , but that is why she was called the JLo of India, and tho this is not the best pic I know she has 200 odd shoes and this is just one more. She was loved on the ramp, and decided to quit on her own, becos TV took up more time of hers.

  26. annie at | | Reply

    Adit, you got the numbers wrong-Malaika will be 36 this year.

  27. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    LOL, I agree with everyone who said she forgot her pants. LMAO!

  28. Missy at | | Reply

    Oh Pulezzz! and she thought she’d look HOT and SEXY! hahahahhahaa

  29. COcoNUT at | | Reply

    she’s a HOT mom…let her have some fun and dress as she likes. Only she could pull this look off and she KNOWS It!

  30. me at | | Reply

    I salute her husband for letting her get away with it, everything has a limit and for Arbaz to give her this much freedom is ike wow

  31. Ax at | | Reply

    seriously … Malaika was once hot in a classy kinda way but lately she’s just been looking trashy. She’s just tryin way too hard now …. show all you got woman .. but do it well!!

  32. chic chick at | | Reply

    OMG will you look at the comments: “why does arbaaz let her dress this/ its so nice that he lets her dress this way” and whats with calling every second women (celina and bebo included) a slut? total chauvinism. It isnt her who needs an attitude make-over, it’s some of the posters here. And I bet PnP wont let this post pass thru.

  33. gargee at | | Reply

    she is looking gorgeous wrt her face n hair…
    i like d teamngs she has done…
    BUT….thng is tooooooooooooooooooo short…
    i mean…really…really…really short…
    is she nt planng to sit at ol in d evnt…i luv her olwaz…bt dis ws a bit dissappointng…wish she wud hv eithr teamd it up wd sumthng or atleast had a li’l more length…den dis wd hv been so perfct olwaz….n ma’m…v kno yu got ‘AWESOME’ legs n bak…yu proved it to us newaz…evn wd sum more length yu wd hv…

  34. TheHand at | | Reply

    She is one hot mama!…She could pull of anything…

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