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    Well i disagree here…its not the hathphool or any jewellery that spoiled it BUT the boob show with padded blouse ruined it for me :\..plus the way those plates are hanging…just the drape is not proper

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    usually i dont say this..but ugh. the 3rd photo especially, that blouse or whatever you want to call it is so wrong.

  3. olive at | | Reply

    What a tacky design. I don’t think anybody could salvage this sari.

  4. Kay at | | Reply

    fugly sari

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    Malaika and Shilpa are two hot moms with amazing bodies but they both have such a horrid, tacky style. Sighh

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      +1 completely agree…tacky and OTT…always feel malaika tries too hard…

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    She and shilpa can compete on who wears the tackiest clothes and who has a hotter body. Either case it will be a tie :)why would you want to do this to yourself when you have worked so hard to get an hourglass figure.

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      I think they dress tacky because they want to show off their hard worked body. Its such a pity though. I find this really age inappropriate on Malaika.

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      I agree that some of Shilpa’s sarees are ‘tacky’. But somehow Shilpa’s curves manage rescue the ‘tackiness’ and and she tends look so much better than Malaika, who appears to be ‘skin and bones’ in these pics.

  7. Bhakti Irani at | | Reply

    not a fan of the color pink in the saree..

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    Malaika is a beautiful woman and she does NOT have a tacky style as mentioned by some people above.having said that, this particular outfit is not my cup of tea..she has given us some very nice appearances compared to this. She doesn’t look ‘fugly’ as someone has put it and at the same time she does not get high points for this either !

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    Horrid. Her poses make it worse.

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    nothing works for me.

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