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  1. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I don’t understand why people are so picky about. I love all colors and pink is a GREAT color on a lot of people’s skin. If it looks good on your skin then fine. Shillouette and shape are the most important to me, and this si fab on Malaika, shows a bit of skin but is age appropriate and flattering on her. Plus, that pink makes her glow.
    (p.s. by age appropriate I mean that I wear frills and bows now as an (almost) 18 year old but when I’m her age, I want to look like a sexy sophisticated woman in sheath dresses and stilletos- I want to be FIERCE. Fierce as she may be, when you put that into a youger outfit there’s incongruity)

    1. Kiwi at | | Reply

      Alomost 18 years!!! Wow u are young and so savy(as u come across on the blog)!!! I am almost 40, its taken me this long to figure things out :) :) :)

      1. debs at | | Reply

        Very true. I am almost 27…and half the times I have to read pdaervo’s messages twice!! I was clueless and bespectacled your age, pdaervo. :))

  2. MojitoLover at | | Reply

    Gorgeous. Again, I like her toned down make-up, awesome color on her skin, minimal and classy accessories, fab shoes. 10/10

  3. beans at | | Reply

    me no like the dress.. shoes – yes and… i hope it is the camera/lighting… because in the third pic her skin looks awful!

  4. KK at | | Reply

    I like this look on her a lot. I love her bangles!!!

  5. HJ at | | Reply

    I always love Malaika… her personality shines through even in hideous dresses. That said, this color sooo compliments her skin tone. Lovely choice of makeup and shoes… the only thing that needs help is her limp hair.

  6. annie at | | Reply

    its funny how the percentage doesn’t add upto 100. 78+8+12=98! where are the rest of 2%?

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      ha! good catch. it’s getting there..right now its 99%(79+8+12)

      1. T at | | Reply

        it’s probably just a rounding error

  7. Sharin at | | Reply

    She looks fine.. even if pink were a bad choice for adults.. this isn’t pink.. its coral!

  8. shonali at | | Reply

    wow, she looks gorgeous.

  9. Rhea at | | Reply

    Malaika is looking so fresh in coral. Love it on her! It’s good she kept the accessories minimal.

  10. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Love, Love, love the dress, the colour, cut, her shoes, make up, hair-perfect. She’s looking gorgeous

  11. JP at | | Reply

    Generally I dont like malaika..but here she looks perfect… love the dress, shoes, accessories and the makeup…. especially love the dress….

  12. Megha at | | Reply

    she looks beautiful
    the colour makes her skin glow
    and she knows how to carry off most types of clothes

  13. Megha at | | Reply

    by which i mean i like that she toned down her makeup and her expressions when posing cuz it’s a cute dress as opposed to a sexy one

  14. hhc-fan at | | Reply

    I think she looks really good. She is glowing in the color and love her bangles.

  15. seena at | | Reply

    Does anybody have an idea which watch brand she is wearing…love it..

  16. kitschy gal at | | Reply

    I love the juicy tones on a tanned skin. She looks perfect… glowy, stylish and EASY-chic!

  17. Monika S at | | Reply

    I think she looks amazing..the color suits her skin tone…lovely

  18. Niyati at | | Reply

    i wish someone would ID this dress

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