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    Love this! She is looking looking like a total diva and hair and makeup also is fab

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    Hottest and most beautiful Indian. She looks fabulous.

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    No one can pull off that beaded matador look jacket loke she is! Absolutely fantastic..

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    I would be happy if she drops her ‘i-am-sexy-look-at-me’ poses. As lovely as she looks that posing kills it for me.

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      Lol. As always her poses. And I guess now Jacky is the new Malaika. With her clothes (always short, tight/or teen kind) and the poses. Malaika has given up one those tacky clothes after many years(poses remain), so maybe it will take Jacky also another decade.

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        Haha :D Exactly no doubt both of them are twins in this aspect and there appears no respite in sight :P

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          Did you catch the recent sighting of Jacky in an excuse for a dress. Ha ha ha. NO respite ever. :P

          1. Kirsa at |

            Hahaha :D Yeah, I did. Didn’t care to comment though. Just the sight of peeps actually liking those silly poses combined with confectionery dresses made me cringe :P

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    What a lovely face.

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    Would be fun to see her do the Cannes red carpet thing.

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    She is looking beautiful. Fab H2T

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